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The Vibrant Moment – Holistic Health Reminder: Adapt
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“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, not
the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable
to change.” ~ Charles Darwin

Darwin hit the nail on the head with his astute observation
of what it takes to survive.  You have to adapt to change as
it occurs. This means you have to adapt to reality as real
events unfold in your life.

How adaptable are you to change?

If you do not change with the real world around you, you are
moving in the opposite direction of health and wellness.
You are moving towards…. kaput.

As publisher of this free holistic psychology newsletter, my
goal is to help you adapt to reality so that you can enjoy
life and flourish. To be adaptable you must do something new,
learn something new, be something new.

The movement toward kaput can be sudden or subtle.  This
harsh reality of survival applies to suicides like Mary
Kennedy’s tragic death this week where a mother of young
children hung herself.  This same harsh reality of survival
applies to what is going to happen to you during the course
of the coming year.

Suicide may not be in your conscious mind right now but
self rejecting thoughts could be lurking in your unconscious.
Self-rejecting thoughts keep you from being healthy, making
love and having fun.

For example, if you are fighting with your mate, getting a
divorce or breaking up with a partner, you could be holding
on to old ways of relating that you learned in your past.
This means you are reinforcing your ego-based rigidities
instead of learning something new so you can adapt to change.

Another example would be if your love life is suffering
because you move too fast and cannot sit down into the
moment with your partner.  This means you are running away
instead of learning new ways of relaxing into your body so
you can enjoy genuine sexual intimacy.

Over the course of the next year are you going to:
• Stay still and not move?
• Slowly move forward?
• Slowly move towards kaput?
• Hold on tight and become more rigid?
• Engage in real life transformation?

You can certainly learn how to change and rearrange as the
realities of your life unfold.  All you have to do is learn
new ways of relating, new ways of relaxing and new ways of
making love.

If you learn how to ride the currents of change, you will
not only survive, you will manifest health, wellness and

Let me know what you have to say about the adaptation of
human beings. Share your comments and post your feedback.


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