Economic Suicide Prevention: Develop Authentic Self Confidence

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What part of you do you identify with?  Your ego or
your authentic self?

Your ego is your learned self which looks outward for
approval. You pay attention to others and seek their
approval.  You get upset and inhibit yourself when
others disapprove of you.

Your authentic self does not seek or need approval from
outside sources.  Your authentic self is strong, healthy
and happy because you get your energy from the pure,
authentic sources of energy in the world.  You are strong
and solid because you know who you are and you know you
are worthy.

Most of us have heard the stories of men jumping out of
windows during the Great Depression.  The Great Recession
is also causing a dramatic increase in suicides.

In Italy, suicides motivated by economic difficulties
increased 52 percent in 2010. In Greece, the suicide rate
among men increased more than 24 percent from 2007 to
2009. The men who kill themselves are identifying with
their ego. They do not have an authentic sense of self.

Do you identity with your relationship? Money? Work?

If your identity, which is how you see yourself, is
cemented in your relationship, your money, your success,
then you will be in great despair if your relationship,
your money or your success disappears.  This is true of
any outside factor you use to determine if you are
worthy or not.

Your ego is a false sense of self that is based on what
you think you should and should not be. This is a
dangerous place to live.  Instead move beyond your ego.

Get to know your authentic self and let its authentic
energy make you strong, solid and worthy.  You want a
genuine self-confidence that does not suddenly disappear
if you lose your relationship, money or fail at what
you do.


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