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The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Be assertive.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Mentor, Energy Coach
Live at the Edge:


The two most effective tools I learned from my early
years spent training and studying as a Behavior
Therapist, Sex Therapist and Feminist Therapist were:

1. Relax and reduce your anxiety for better mental,
emotional, sexual and physical health.

2. Be assertive. Do not be aggressive or passive
because people will not like you.  Be assertive.
Assertiveness is effective. If you are passive or
aggressive you feel bad and don’t get what you
want. Lose-lose.

When you are assertive, you get what you want and
most of the time everyone is happy. Assertiveness
ensures a win-win situation.

Therefore, if you want to be stronger and healthier
in mind and body, you must learn to use the tools of
anxiety reduction and assertiveness to your advantage.

The current psychological treatments today have
forgotten these two extremely effective tools.
Every therapist and psychologist of any nature or
variety needs Relaxation Therapy and Assertiveness
Training in their tool box. Then they will reach in
their tool box at the correct moment and teach you
how to relax and how to be assertive.

If you have not taken courses and classes in these
two rock-bottom, effective, no-nonsense personal
growth areas, you need to consider how much value
they would add to your daily life.  If you cannot
find an in-person Assertiveness Training and Anxiety
Reduction course to take, take the online versions.
Online versions are also effective teaching tools.

After you take a basic course in Assertiveness
Training, you need to continue to practice your new
skills in your daily life. Practice is the only way
to get comfortable with your new communication skills.
You need to practice your assertiveness skills over
and over again until they become your new default.

However, be careful.  Practicing without reliable
feedback can be a bit risky.  You could fall into your
old habits of being passive or aggressive and not even
know it.

Look for safe places to practice and skillful teachers
to guide you into relaxing and being assertive so you
get exactly what you want.

What is your experience with relaxation and
assertiveness?  Put your feelings, experiences
and thoughts into the comment box below.


NEED A PLACE TO PRACTICE? My twice a year Nature
Workshops are great places to practice your new
communication skills. This year the Cape May, NJ
Spring workshop’s theme is Assertive Communication.
You will have plenty of exercises and opportunities
to practice being assertive and I will lovingly give
you feedback about your new communication skills.
All day, $200.00.

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LOOKING FOR ONLINE COURSES?  Check out the anxiety
reduction course, Overcome Anxiety Naturally. Learn
all you need to know to successfully begin to reduce
your anxiety for increased holistic health.

Read more and sign up for the course:

“Although I am only 3 lessons into the course it already
has been well worth the investment.  Knowing what to do
during an anxiety attack helps so much.  Many times I
would wake early in the morning and couldn’t go back to
sleep because of my racing thoughts.  Now I can go back
to sleep every time I do the breathing and comforting
exercises.” Heather, mother of four


the Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program.  Classes and
discussions take place online and on the phone.  For
as little as $69.00 a month, get the help you need to
add relaxation training to your holistic health
practice. You do not need a degree, any holistic health
person can join.

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