Earth Day is Everyday: Good Vibrations Come From Trees


Being hugged by a weeping cherry tree, Kelly Drive, Philadelphia, 2012 taken by new friend on her iphone.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Feel what is around you.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Live at the Edge:


This week I am going to give you an exercise to do with any
tree of your choosing. Pick a tree that you like and that feels
good to you. Then go sit with your back against the tree. Try
to relax into the ground and against the tree. If you have
children, do this tree body energy awareness exercise with

As you sit with your back against the tree, use your senses
to feel everything you can. Especially be on the lookout for
something new and different.

Do you feel any sensations, tiny movements or energy:
In the tree?
In your body?
Between you and the tree?
Between you and the earth?
In the ground?

If you cannot feel anything, take a deep breath and relax
even more into your body and into the ground and into the tree.
Sit with your tree in silence until you feel and sense something
new and different for you. If you are anxious, it could take a while.

However, when you become patient you will relax into the physical
reality around you.  Then, who knows, you could feel the essence of
the tree or the essence of you.

You could also:
Feel a connection between you and the tree.
Have a vibrant moment.
Feel the sap of the tree as it moves in the tree.
Get a message that you need to know to move forward.
Be intoxicated with joy when you get up and walk away.
Smile at everyone you see on the way home.

I would love to know what happens when you give this tree body
energy awareness exercise a try.  You can email me to have a direct
communication with me. I love getting feedback and will respond to you.

Or you can post your comments in the box below. Share your
thoughts, feelings and experiences with all of us.

It would be helpful to have a dialogue about personal growth, self-
improvement and full bodied living.  People could read what you think
and know and you can read what they have experienced and know.  A
little group energy would add depth and richness to our personal
growth and self-improvement journey.

You might enjoy reading the comments a reader of The Vibrant Moment
wrote about a recent newsletter.  The one I shared about how the double
blossom, bright pink cherry trees helped me have my first vibrant moment
as an adult.

You can read how she connected with a
tree in her past:

Click on the comment button to read her story. And register if you want to
share your stories with others.  Feel free to ask me questions if you need to
know how this blog works.

You could tell us what you learned when you tried the tree exercise.  After all,
I am dying to know if you tried the tree exercise and what happened when
you slowed down and relaxed enough to feel the tree that picked you.


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