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A reporter sent me a series of questions to answer on the
physical effects of falling in and out of love for an article
she was writing.

One of her questions was, “What exactly causes the
“butterflies” and “sweaty palms” when people fall in love?
Is that real or not?”

My answer:

“Yes, these physical experiences are real. Your body reacts
to everything that is going on inside and outside of you all
the time. Your body is the best barometer you have for knowing
what is really happening in physical reality.”

For example, “butterflies” and “sweaty palms” occur when you
are anxious.  These physical effects often happen to you before
you give a speech, when you are in a new situation, when you are
in an airplane and so on.

What you need to know is the feeling of love is not causing your
physical reactions of anxiety.  It is most important to sort out
the difference between love and the fear of love.

It is your fear of love that causes you to have butterflies in
your stomach.

Your fears of intimacy cause you to experience sweaty palms.
You may feel insecure about the possibility of falling in love.
Perhaps you are afraid of being vulnerable and open.

You are thinking thoughts like this:
“Does she like me as much as I like her?”
“Oh no! I will get hurt if I fall in love.”
“I can’t let him know how much I like him. He will run away.”

When you are in love your body reacts very differently.

You are feeling love and not thinking anything. Your body is
relaxed, open and soft when it is in the energy of love.

Real love makes you feel secure, accepted and calm. You are glad
to have a person to love and be loved by.

If you are afraid of love, now is the time to learn how to face
your fears and overcome your anxiety.   It will be good for your
mental health, emotional health and physical health to learn how
to spend more time in the physical state of love.

PROFESSIONALS:  If you are not using body awareness and its
physical truths in your work, you are not using the most powerful
tools you have to help your clients transform their fear and anxiety
energy into love energy.  Engage in continuing education to learn
how to include the body and its truths in your psychological work.

PARENTS:  Make sure you get back in your own body so you can model
healthy loving behaviors for your children instead of anxious,
fearful behaviors.  Help your children keep their body self-esteem
as they grow up by allowing them to play freely with their whole
body and spend lots of time outdoors every day.


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