For Mental Health Month: Spring Clean Your Mind

trash.jpgSpring clean your mind by throwing away your rotten thoughts.

Then add, fresh, clean thoughts of beauty.
Feed your mind beauty and love.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Spring clean your mind.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor
Live at the Edge:


The mind is a funny thing. It can be brilliant or it can
be deadly.

If you do not tame your thoughts and bring them into
balance with your body, heart and soul, your brain can
scare you to death. It can also obsess about nonsense,
create misery and keep you totally out of the moment.

One single thought can give your whole body and nervous
system a serious shock. I would say the voltage of one
thought I had this week while standing at my kitchen window
was stronger than the electric shock I used to get when I
touched the electric cow fence on my farm as a child by

Honestly, I cannot even remember exactly what the thought
was, but it was not pretty, loving or kind. It shocked me
right out of the moment. I noticed the shock to my nervous
system and brought myself back into the physical. So I was
back to breathing and feeling in seconds.

However, this shocking experience reminded me of the strength,
power and energy of my thoughts. I know how outside factors
affect my mind so I do not watch television and I am very
careful of the movie images I feed it.

However, since the Japanese earthquake I have been reading
the online news more than usual. In addition, with Bin
Laden’s dramatic death there are many images of violence
around me.

The thought that flashed without invitation in my mind seemed
to be a creative take off of some of these scenes I had been
looking at online. Our minds are powerful AND creative!

If you are a parent:  Notice your own thoughts and how they
affect you and your child. Also know that your children are
affected by the images they see in the news, television,
movies and games.

If you are a psychologist, massage therapist or coach:  Do not
encourage obsessive thinking with your clients.  When you let
your clients talk and talk about the same thing you are
reinforcing this behavior and making sure they obsess. Instead,
help your clients sense the energy of their obsessions. Teach
them to sense the energy of their thoughts as separate from
their feelings. Then teach them how to stop repeating the same
thoughts over and over again.

Spring clean your mind by getting rid of rotten thoughts that
have accumulated over the winter and years. It will
free up more room for health and happiness.


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