How to Grieve to Become Stronger and More Secure

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Sad with Yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

Being sad with yourself is just as important as being happy with yourself. Last week we explored how genuine heart happiness is based on realistic self-love. Read The Vibrant Moment if you missed it:

This week we need to balance your self-love by adding genuine sadness. Yes, being sad with yourself is essential if you want to increase your self-esteem and holistic health. Sadness is powerful; it connects you with other human beings. The closest I have ever felt to another person was when they shared their heart-felt pain with me.

Genuine sadness is deep, real, and rich. You feel the texture, hear the sounds, and know the sadness is coming from deep within your heart and soul. Sometimes the sadness comes from far away, such as the cry of Mother Earth as her trees or children are being hurt.

Regular readers of The Vibrant Moment know my mother passed away January 25, 2015. Grieving her in-the-flesh loss has many up and downs as I feel my body and emotional feelings. I feel like an orphan, all alone and sad. I feel abandoned by my mother even though that does not make any rational sense. Feelings do not make sense, they make music.

Loving yourself and staying with yourself when you are sad helps you move forward through loss, grief, and sorrow. You become stronger and more secure after feeling sad. When I feel sad, it quickly changes into another emotion and I am soon laughing and having fun with my friends again.

You may also feel a piercing sadness that you have not fulfilled yourself. I feel deep sorrow I have not used more of my human potential. Feeling the profound pain of not reaching an important goal helps you recognize your heart’s desires and admit the strong fears you need to overcome in order to reach them. Let your sadness be a potent motivator to take action, instead of dismissing your heart’s desires before it is too late.

Feel sad when you feel sad, and your sadness flows into more strength, joy, and happiness. If you avoid, deny, block, or repress your sadness, your controlled energy becomes dense and dark, weighing you down. This stuck, blocked energy keeps you from moving toward your heart’s desires and makes you mentally and physically sick.

Find healthy ways to express your sorrow with any of the expressive arts. Put on sad music, look at a sad play or movie, write about your feelings, and feel connected to the human race. Sadness connects us deeply and profoundly with each other. Sadness increases your self-esteem so you fulfill your purpose in life. Sadness is food for your soul and opens the door to more joy.


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