Mental Health Advice: Notice and Admit Your Impatience

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Admit You are Impatient.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


How often do you get impatient? And with whom?
How often to you get irritable? And with whom?

Here is part two of the answer to the question from a reader about how to deal with impatience and irritability. Last week I exposed the fact that sometimes you think you are impatient and you are not. If you missed this reversal of reality holistic psychology information please read it here: Mental Health Relationship Advice.

Ok, I was just impatient and irritable. For real. Right this moment, before I sat down to write.

I had to bleach clothes that had e coli on them in the washing machine. As a highly sensitive person, I hate bleach, it burns my eyes. Even wearing a pair of yellow rubber gloves I was concerned I could get the toxic chemicals on my shirt or pants. But I was being very, very careful.

After diluting the bleach in the water so it would not totally ruin my clothes, some of the e coli clothes I put in floated up to the top of the water. While pushing the yucky clothes back down into the bleached water, some of the heavily bleached water in the machine got on my right sleeve and dripped down into my right glove. Yee, gads!

Rushing up my steep Center City basement stairs to wash off the bleach, I tripped at the top of the stairs. Back on my feet, I reached the kitchen sink. Pulling at the right glove, to get it off as fast as I could, it would not come off. Yanking at it, pulling and pulling with all my might, I could not get the glove off my hand.

My hand was stuck in the glove with bleach inside and outside of it. This is the moment it happened. Never having gotten my hand stuck in a very, very tight yellow rubber glove before I did not know what to do. My eyes were burning, my hand began to burn due to a cut on my finger. I was trapped. I experienced helplessness.

So, the conditions for impatience, frustration, and irritability are:

1. Something does not go right or turn out like it is suppose to. Your expectations of the outcome are not the results.
2. Your actions to change the results and make them do as you want do not work. You are not being effective.

There you have it. When these conditions exist, you are ripe for getting impatient.

So, you need to notice and admit to yourself that you are impatient. It is you and you alone. No one else is to blame.  If you are blaming someone else for your impatient energy, stop blaming them or any other outside factors. You are the one with the impatient energy and that is that!

Notice your body and how tight it is. What do you feel? What are you experiencing? Notice your thoughts and how fast they are moving and what they are saying to you. Do you want to make any sounds?

I growl, “Erg, Erg, Erg,” clinch my teeth and experience being overwhelmed. My racing thoughts are attacking me, making me wrong, rushing me to do something different and complaining about the results I am getting.

Oops! Sorry, this answer is now too long so you must wait until next week to get the solutions to being impatient and irritable! If you feel impatient as a result, please notice.

Do take note this week of when you are impatient and the factors that make you irritable. Awareness is the first step toward positive change.


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