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I trust you are looking forward to the third holistic psychology newsletter article about how to deal with impatience and irritability. If you missed the reversal of reality information about impatience read it here: https://thevibrantmoment.com/?p=1348
If you missed the description of exactly what impatient energy is read this:   https://thevibrantmoment.com/?p=1354

Solutions to being impatient and irritable.

To move from impatience to patience, the first thing you need to do is pay careful attention to your thoughts. If you have not been in effective therapy or taken personal growth courses that help you reveal your unconscious thoughts, you may not be aware of your nasty thoughts.

However, if you have been in successful therapy, you know you have mean thoughts stuffed in the dark recesses of your unconscious mind. If you do not know exactly what your nasty thoughts are saying to you, take the home study course, Overcome Anxiety Naturally to find these buggers and expose them to the light of the conscious mind.

Last week I told you about my racing, out of control thoughts that were attacking me when I got my hand stuck in a very tight yellow glove. When you are impatient, your irrational thoughts are always making you wrong, rushing you to do something different and complaining about the results you are getting.

It is these attacking, irrational thoughts that affect your body, heart, and automatic nervous system. First you experience anxiety in your nervous system, then your anxiety creates feelings of impatience and irritability. Note that being irritable is what causes irritable bowel syndrome and other unpleasant physical diseases.

It stands to reason, if you catch your irrational thoughts making you anxious, you have an excellent chance to tame them. If the problem is inside your head, not outside in the world, you can certainly be effective. All you have to do is learn what, when, where, and how to tame your thoughts.

Yes, I know, sometimes other people really do attack you. In this case, you may think other people are causing you to be impatient. In some ways, they are! However, if you do not agree with what they are saying, they cannot continue to be the source of your anxiety and impatience. This is the secret to how you can become powerful and effective.

Thus, the way to stop your impatience and irritability is to take responsibility for your own nasty thoughts. Taking responsibility for your thoughts is not the same thing as changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts, which is what Cognitive Behavior Therapy teaches you to do.

Taking responsibility is a bigger, more inclusive way to become effective and powerful. When you take responsibility, you have the power to change your impatience to patience. Taking responsibility puts you in the drivers’ seat.

If someone else is attacking you, you do not, and never will have the power to stop him or her. However, if you are the one attacking you, you can stop when you learn how and decide to stop. When you take responsibility you move from being a victim to being master of the situation.

Back to my burning hand stuck in the tight yellow glove with bleach inside of it. Do not compare yourself to my response, which is based on 32 years of practice being patient with myself. Instead, learn from my example how your default can move from patience to impatience with enough practice.

Looking at the sight of my hand stuck in the yellow mess, all tangled up and wet, I suddenly laughed at myself. “Yelp,” I said to myself, “This is just like me.” The right glove was much tighter, at least a size smaller than the other glove when I put it on. The right glove was probability packaged incorrectly. But that had not stopped me from struggling to put it on in the first place.

Now, I was stuck in a bleached filled glove due to my own undoing. Seeing the humor in the situation, I quickly shifted my point of view bringing newfound energy. Without thinking about it, I yanked the glove off and was free. Relief!

Ah, I returned to my default of being loving and patient with myself. Patience is self-love and self-acceptance. Not only does it feel better to accept all my mistakes, accidents, and foibles, it makes me stronger and more effective!

It was learning to be patient with myself so many years ago that allowed me to enter my first vibrant moment as an adult. The whole world changes when you become patient with yourself. You drop down in the moment, clean up your mess, and continue onward and upward


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