Grieving? Use the Holidays to Heal Your Heart

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use the holidays to heal.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


It was eight days before Christmas when my heart was broken at the age of 34. I thought I would die and never get over losing my beloved.

The holidays are much more difficult if you have suffered a major relationship loss. If a loved one has died this year or is in the process of dying, the joy of the season is hard to find. If you were divorced this year or had a break up with your lover, the emotional pain in your broken heart may feel like its more than you can bear.

Currently, my mother’s health is failing and the anguish I feel in losing her is hard to be in. It helps me to remember the unexpected benefits I experienced when I was 34. I decided to stay with myself in my emotional pain, instead of running away or becoming more closed. My life was magically transformed by the natural process of feeling my authentic emotions.

The wide gaping hole in my heart, which I thought was delivered by the loss of my beloved, was just the tip of the iceberg. The loss revealed many long-time emotional hurts that where screaming at me because they needed to be healed. If I did not heal them, I could not grow as a person, become a better psychologist, and live a life of rich meaning and deep purpose.

What would happen if you opened up to your emotional wounds? You could also leave your ordinary and mundane life behind. You could discover that experiencing your hurt is the first sign of a more vibrant, meaningful life. Look at your loss from afar. Look up high or down deep to see how your suffering and pain can have meaning and purpose this holiday season.

Hurts create cracks in your heart. Cracks are the only way you can become more loving and receive more light. See your current hurt as the first sign of more life, vitality, and the beginning of many more vibrant moments.


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