Feel and Express Love for a Healthy Heart and Loving Relationships

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel and Express Love.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Perhaps you are beginning to feel the difference between your healthy, authentic emotions and an unhelpful conditioned response after last weeks’ The Vibrant Moment. If you missed it, I defined and differentiated feelings, emotions, thoughts, and conditioned responses from each other: https://thevibrantmoment.com/2014/08/27/emotional-health-advice-learn-the-difference-between-thoughts-feelings-and-emotions/

Something you learned is very different from something you did not learn.

A conditioned response is something you learned. An authentic emotion is something you did not learn. An example of an authentic emotion is love. You did not learn to love, you were born loving. And a matter of fact, I would say you were born TO love. If your heart feels love for something or someone you feel love and that is that.

The reason you were a bundle of joy as a little baby is because you felt and expressed so much love. Now, as an adult, you feel the energy of love bubbling up in your heart from time to time. This feeling happens organically in your heart and solar plexus, without any thoughts or reason.

Once your heart is full of love, this energy naturally radiates outward away from you. This powerful energy is exactly what you need to be healthy in heart, mind, and body. Love is what you need to be happy and effective. Love connects us to each other and makes life worth living.

Of course, you can deny, repress, stop, and block your authentic feelings of love. Unfortunately, this is exactly what a large number of human beings do. In addition, you may love someone and something and cannot fully express the love you feel. Therefore, millions of people have learned to inhibit their natural feelings of love. When you inhibit your natural feelings of love, you feel lonely, isolated, sad, and unloved.

In this painful reality, your unhelpful conditioned response is how you learned to deny, repress, stop, and block your authentic feelings of love. Begin to notice what behaviors you do that control and inhibit your natural loving feelings. Notice what muscles tighten up and what happens in your nervous system. What are you squeezing and hurting when you inhibit the energy of love?

It is quite interesting that western medicine finds that the thymus on most adults has atrophied. Yes, this means your thymus may have dried up and stopped working properly. Could this be because your heart was not allowed to fully feel the love it feels? Consider the possibility.

It has been well established by western medical research that the thymus regulates the immune system. According to eastern medicine, the thymus regulates the heart charka. The research in applied kinesiology, which uses the strength of your muscles to determine if something is healthy for you or not, reveals that an alive thymus does indeed improve your immune system and immediately makes your whole energy field stronger.

So, it is true that a few thumps on the thymus immediately makes your muscles stronger and thus, healthier. This is the reason I use and teach my students and clients the Thymus Thump! Get to know your thymus and bring it back to life with physical touch and emotional love.

Inhibiting love is a conditioned response; unlearn this unhelpful behavior as quickly as you can.

Love is an authentic emotion; let it flow, so you glow!


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