Holistic Health Tip: Clean Up Your Unconsious, Become More Aware of Body Wisdom


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Several readers of The Vibrant Moment mentioned to me within the last month that they are dealing with serious physical problems.  I recently got a common cold that lingered on for three weeks with a stubborn cough keeping me awake at night.

All of us are humbled from time to time with physical challenges.  Once the body is weak and sick, it takes much more energy to heal and become stronger than it does to stay healthy and strong in the first place.

However, never be judgmental toward your body when you are sick. It is not your body’s fault that you are sick. Remember this fact and do not forget this fact. It is not your body’s responsibility that you are sick, so do not attack your body and be mad at your body.

Instead, be kind and gentle with yourself when your body is weak, sick and not healthy. Give yourself whatever you need to become healthy, using the very best of Western, Eastern and Natural Holistic Healing approaches.

Obviously, it is essential to work at the physical level when you are physically sick. In addition, it is equally important to work at the emotional, mental and energetic levels when you are sick.  This is the reason I do not understand why physicians are booked up for weeks in advance and psychologists, body workers, energy workers and holistic health practitioners are not.

If you want to reach and maintain good holistic health, you need to rush to the people who teach you how to become more aware of the energy that is making you sick.  You need to become aware of the psychological reasons you are sick. Do not rush to physicians for treatments and medications that do not cure your physical problems.

Usually, you do not know what is making you sick.  Just as you may not know that eating tuna everyday could result in mercury poisoning that is slowing killing your body, you may not know the psychological reasons you are getting weak, sick and suffering pain.

The reason you do not know what is making you sick is that the psychological facts and truths are in your unconscious.  You are not aware of what you are doing to create disease and disharmony in your body and cells. You are not aware of what you need to be aware of in order to become healthier and stronger in the flesh. How could you be?

You cannot be aware of something you are not aware of. This is the reason you must work with others that teach you how to become more aware of what you are not aware of!  Rush to skilled, competent professionals who teach you to become more aware of what is lurking in your unconscious.

What you do not know can make you sick and could eventually kill you earlier than your natural death.  This is the reason it is important to take the time to become more aware of what you do not know.  Getting sick is based on certain facts. Getting sick does not happen out of the blue. You can learn the reasons you get sick so you can help yourself become healthier over time by addressing the cause.

So, get the physical treatments you need immediately to help yourself when you are sick. Then rush to holistic health professionals and holistic psychologists who teach you how to become more aware.  You must bring your unconscious truths up to the conscious mind so you are more aware of the inner and outer realities that are making you sick.

If you do not become aware of how you are creating disharmony in your body, cells, psyche, mind, brain, heart and energy, you cannot change and stop it. If you do not become aware of self-rejection and transform this energy into self-acceptance, you could die before your natural death process begins.  And you could suffer from physical pain and discomfort needlessly along the way.

When your body is sick, listen and learn from the physical reality that exists in the moment. Discover what is really going on deep in your unconscious.  Your body knows how to heal itself. Get out of the way and listen to your body’s wisdom.


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