How to Stay Healthy? Do Not Avoid Germs, Become Stronger, Seek Emotional Health



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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Seek Emotional Health.

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Raymond Francis, in Never Be Sick Again, says there is one disease, two causes and six pathways. He is so correct about his simple approach to health and wellness. The one disease is your cells gets weak. The two causes are you are either hurting the cell with something to make it weak or you are not giving the cell what it needs to be healthy. The six pathways are how this disease process unfolds.

With this clear and direct approach to health and wellness you can get to the root of what is making your cells weak and keeping them from being vibrant and strong. One of the six pathways he labels emotional. Unfortunately, he does not address emotional health in his book except to mention stress can make your cells weak. Instead, he focuses on eliminating external toxins and eating good food; both of course, are essential for holistic health.

However, by the end of the book, his diet and lifestyle become so rigid and controlling there is not much pleasure or joy left in life. There are so many foods and chemicals you have to avoid to be healthy that this avoidance, in and of itself, could make you weak and puny. Some people are attracted to avoidance models for holistic health. I am not, based on two very important facts.

As an expert in learning research, I know most mental health, emotional distress and relationship problems occur due to avoidance behaviors. The more you avoid anything, the weaker and more mentally disturbed you become. The other fact I learned from one of my energy teachers, Jack Swartz. Jack taught me that you never want to become so pure that you cannot function in the real world around you. Energetically you become weak if you make yourself too pure.

Think of water and germs. You do not want to be so weak that you can only drink the purest water in the world. You do not want to be so germ-free that you cannot be around people who could be sick. You want to be resistant to regular drinking water, germs and the psychological factors that make your cells weak. To be resistant means that your vibration is higher than that which could make you sick.

It is a physical fact that lower vibrations, such as germs, cannot penetrate a higher vibration, such as a healthy, strong, radiant cell. Therefore, physically, you need to build up antibodies so that you become resistant to the germs around you. Psychologically, you need to improve your emotional health so that you are resistant to the lower vibrations of denial, judgment and guilt.

Denial, judgment and guilt make your cells weak.  Look for these lower vibrations in your unconscious. Do not look outside yourself for these vibrations. As I mentioned, outside lower vibrations cannot penetrate you if you do not have these lower vibrations inside of you.  You must bring the lower vibrations that are in your unconscious up to your conscious mind and learn how to deal with them in a psychologically healthy fashion.

So my approach to natural health and wellness is to raise the vibrations in your cells by improving your emotional health. Use psychologists, coaches, teachers and mentors to help you become aware of what you do not know so you clean up your deep, dark unconscious which is making you physically and mentally sick.


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