Sexual Health Tip: Pleasure and Feeling Good is Best Holistic Health Medicine


Relaxing in nature gives me a great deal of pleasure.

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The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Feel Good.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


How often do you let yourself feel good?

Virginia Johnson, of Masters and Johnson fame, died at the age of 88 last week.  Reading the story of her life in the NY Times on Sunday sure did bring back some fond memories of being trained as a sex therapist at Temple Medical School in 1976.

1976 was a wonderful time to be alive and studying psychology on the East Coast.  Masters and Johnson had studied the physiology of human sexual behavior in a laboratory in Missouri. Their sex research was the basis of our training as sex therapists.

I had the physical facts:
1.  The size of the penis does not affect the pleasure a man can give a woman.
2.  Intercourse is not necessarily the best way to have an orgasm for a woman.
3.  A vaginal orgasm is exactly the same as a clitoral orgasm.
4.  Old people enjoy sex just as much as young people.
5.  Some women can have an orgasm without any physical stimulation at all.

At the Behavior Therapy Unit, we cured premature ejaculation in almost every man who walked in our door.  Premature ejaculation was easy to treat by reducing a man’s anxiety in the sexual situation. Using similar methods we dramatically improved every woman’s sexual response with and without a partner.

I became known as the sex therapist who was effective with the more difficult to treat erectile dysfunction clients and thus began my private practice. 1976 was an exciting time to be alive in Philadelphia, USA.

Controlling your body and emotions are in vogue in 2013.

In sharp contrast, today’s psychologists label you and physicians drug you for sexual problems, anxiety, depression and normal grieving.  Pleasure seems to be a no-no.  Feeling good seems to have gotten a very bad reputation.

Drugs diminish your feeling ability instead of enhancing your feeling ability. Medications impair your ability to have whole body, sensual, delicious orgasms. Please remember, sex is only one of several ways you can experience pleasure and have an orgasm.

If you want to enjoy more vibrant moments and holistic health in your daily life, stay away from drugs and medication. Drugs mask problems, cure nothing and stop you from feeling good.

Do you avoid pleasure in your daily life?

Notice how often you stop yourself from having pleasure this week. Little pleasures, big pleasures. Mental pleasures, body pleasures, heart pleasures.  If you do not let yourself feel good and experience pleasure, you are sure to become weaker and weaker until you get sick.

Before you know it, your mind wanders away, your behavior becomes addictive, your body atrophies and your heart attacks you.  All of these physical results are trying to get your attention. Your real self is screaming at you, “Let me feel good!”

You need pleasure to achieve holistic health, happiness and a sustainable future. Give yourself time every day to receive pleasure in any form. Choose your pleasures based on your personal needs and desires.

Tell me about your favorite pleasures and psychological blocks to feeling good below.


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