Holistic and Mental Health Tip: Let Your Body and Energy Move




Body inhibition starts at a very early age. Notice my little hands and face. I was not happy all dressed up for Sunday.  I felt out of place and was holding a great deal of energy back in my hands.





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What interesting body experiences did you have with the Change Your Mind Exercise last week?

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Rigidity is not natural.  Living in a box is not normal.

According to quantum physics, you never have to be stuck in anything.  The only way you get stuck is when you control yourself in such a way so that you are forcing yourself to stay rigid. Your own inhibition is what keeps you locked in a boring box.  Inhibition is learned behavior.

This means your brain has to work really, really hard to keep your body and your energy from doing what it automatically wants to do.  Your body and your energy want to move, change and rearrange all the time, all day long.  This natural movement of energy happens inside of every cell in your body and outside in every space around you if you do not actively DO SOMETHING to stop it from happening.

The negative result of trying to keep everything under control is a dramatic depletion of your energy.  Energy depletion is what makes you tired, sick and depressed.  You are using up most of your available energy just to keep yourself in a box.

This is in sharp contrast to using your available energy for fun, pleasure and accomplishing your goals in life.  Let this physical fact soak into your bones so you know how important it is to be aware of your own human energy in everyday life. You can change anytime you are ready to change. You can use the laws of physics to help you enjoy life more fully.

Ask yourself:
Do you really want to use your energy to stay in a box?
Or are you just conditioned to “not move” without the means to stop this from happening?

Since you have to exert a great deal of effort and energy in order to stay stuck in one form, one behavior, one identity, one ego, you can stop putting your energy in this direction.  If you stop controlling yourself and inhibiting yourself, you naturally become your best self.

All you have to do is learn to recognize when you are controlling yourself, when you are out of control and when you are in reality.  Then you have the means to shift out of rigidity when you want to do so. You can let go of control and enjoy the natural movement of reality.

You automatically move into a new place where something changes. It does not matter what changes. Any change is positive, good and healthy. Let your body and energy move.


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