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Your emotional health,
your emotional wellness and
your relationships…..

These are the top topics you picked.
Thanks to all of you who took the time
to take the topic poll. Those of you
who show up in life are the ones who
will succeed at work or play.

Remember what Sandra Yancey says,
Showing up is the only way to get
what you want!

Listen to Sandra’s interview on
Live at the Edge anytime you feel
like being inspired to make more money,
network effectively and give back.

Let me define the top two topics.

Emotional health is the rock bottom
essential amount of emotional safety
and physical comfort you need in daily life
in order to be secure, stable and relaxed.

Emotional Wellness goes a notch beyond
healthy into having more vibrant moments,
peak experiences and peak performances.

I would never just settle for Emotional Health.
I want to glow, radiate and shine with color.
Give me the extra energy flow and peaks.

A fact: There are very few people who are
emotionally safe to be with… there are very
few people you can share your
feelings and emotions with…..without being
judged, humiliated, make fun of or criticized.

Tis true.

For a solution to this problem, this current reality
on planet earth What do you do?

I have repeatedly taught you, do not look outside
for any answer.

Instead. Look inside.

Inside is where you can create
emotional safety if you want
to be emotional healthy.

The necessary ingredient is self acceptance.
Simple, pure and powerful.

When you learn to accept your own feelings,
your own emotions and your real response to
each event or situation in your life……you begin
to provide the necessary emotional safety you
need to become secure, stable and relaxed.

For hands on guidance in finding and hugging
your emotional self read and listen to
“Opening the Heart.”
Put rock solid comfort and knowledge in
your ears and heart as needed.

Showing up for yourself is more important
than showing up anywhere else.

Those of you in USA enjoy your holiday,
the rest of the world, share with me
your important holidays.

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