Women and Depression, Overcoming Depression Naturally

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‘Edutainment in Energy, Emotions and Effectiveness’
In This Issue
1. Get Grounded
2. Women and Depression (Men can learn from also)
3. My Gift to You
4. Celebrate Your Birthday All Week Long, Your Gift to Me
1.Get Grounded
If you get as excited as I do about Spring Energy, here is a reminder to get and stay grounded.

Grounded, means your human energy is safely plugged into the field of gravity. Just like the energy in your wall socket, you need to stay plugged in to be safe.

Different trees have different energy. Each tree gives you O to breathe and each tree gives you a certain vibration to energize you.

Try this exercise to Get Grounded:

Go sit with your back against a tree and sense the energy in the tree. See if you can tell the difference between your energy and the energy of the tree.

Relax with the tree until you become one with the energy of the tree. You will feel the difference. Your body will feel like you drop down into something. You are dropping down into something.

Do not move for a few minutes after this happens and look around you and notice what you experience.

Then close your eyes and look inside you and notice what you experience.

Take a deep breath and when you feel like it you can move–slowly and take the ground with you.

2. Women and Depression, Overcome Depression Naturally
Women and Depression is the subject of the Live at the Edge radio show currently being featured at newvoices.com

For more information about Depression and How you can become as strong as it is visit ‘Live at the Edge.’
3- My Birthday Gift to You
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3- Celebrate Your Birthday All Week Long, Your Gift to Me

My sister, Edith taught me how to take full advantage of my birthday by celebrating all week long. A suggestion you might enjoy adding to your life.

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Enjoy the spring energy in your body,


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