How to Solve Love Relationship Problems

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: You Are Not Helpless.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor


If you have any sort of relationship problem, remember that trying as
hard as you can to change the other person, does not work. When you
are in conflict with someone outside of you, there is also an inner
conflict going on inside of you.

This means that as long as you are reactive and defensive, you are as
much a part of the problem as the other person. When you give up
being self-righteous and helpless, you become responsible. When you
are responsible you immediately disengage from blame and stand on
your own two feet with strength and sincerity.

When you become responsible for your inner conflict you immediately
feel better because you now have a viable way to move forward.

You can:
1. Become aware of the part of you that is stuck in the conflict.
2. Unlearn and deprogram unhealthy brainwashing such as guilt.
3. Learn new assertive skills.
4. Reduce your anxiety.
5. Face your real fears.

This process of successful transformation, automatically removes you
from the problem. It feels so good to be free of your inner conflict.
In this sincere and strong physical state, you automatically enjoy
lots more wonderful, exiting vibrant moments of being alive.

Therefore, putting your energy into transforming the part of you that
is involved in the conflict is extremely effective. You can transform
any relationship problem simply by showing up and being responsible
for your own reactions, inner conflicts, projections and anxieties.

When you are responsible you become effective, strong and successful.
When you are not responsible, you are ineffective, weak and a failure.
Personal responsibility is always an option if you are an adult. All
you have to do is give up seeing yourself as a victim to anyone or any
thing. Your True Self is ready, willing and able to take action.

Children are the only true victims. However, even children who
experience unpleasant, dramatic, abusive life events weather these
events more successfully when they reply on their inner strengths,
stay connected to Mother Earth and trust their relationships with
loving people.

So, the next time you are in conflict with someone, take
responsibility for your part of the problem. Do not blame the other
person. Do not blame yourself. Being responsible means you do not
blame anyone.

Instead, show up and clean up the mess.


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