How to Heal Emotional Wounds in Your Body and Heart

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor


A friend shared a story with me about being at a family event when the host began to criticize and attack her. She tried to shrug off this unpleasant experience and act like it did not bother her. However, several weeks later she confessed to me in private that this experience was still bothering her. She did not know what to do with her strong feelings and emotions. 

Empathize with my friend’s emotional experience by remembering how you felt when a family member attacked you. Remember when someone in your family blamed you for something or other. For example, my brother said at a Thanksgiving gathering, “It is all your fault because you are so selfish and self-centered. You don’t care about anyone else but you.” These words, with their nasty energy, literally stung me to my core. The knife went straight into my body and emotional self where the damage was done.

People’s nasty words become like poison arrows in your body and heart. Emotional wounds are as painful and unhealthy as physical wounds. When you do not feel your pain and heal your wounds, they often manifest as physical problems. When you were a child, you were hurt frequently by unaware adults who said hurtful things to you and blamed you with shame and guilt. As a child you took these words to heart and believed them to be true.

When you became an adult, your emotional wounds are still in your body until you knowingly heal them. Your old wounds are triggered when you experience someone blaming you for something in the present. As a result, you have the current blame sting piled on top of many old wounds that are already stuck in your body. Your body is holding all your feelings of hurt that have not been fully experienced, expressed and received by a loving person. 

This means when you feel hurt, this is a very positive, healthy sign. You can begin the healing process that must occur for you to be whole and happy. The healing process is one of finding your little girl or boy who has been hurt and wounded. After you find your real emotional energy, it is up to you to accept, love and heal your emotional self. There is nothing special you need “to do.” What is needed is for you to stay with your emotions and feelings and accept them. Your emotional self will lead you to where you need to go if you truly listen. It is up to you to follow her lead.  

Your emotional self will tell you, verbally and nonverbally, what she needs. Mostly, what she needs is the energy of love. The healing occurs by staying with your emotional self and listening to what she needs and supplying what is needed on a daily basis. She is real and when you make a loving connection with her, your whole life expands into another dimension. When I decided to love, instead of ignore, my little girl is when I spontaneously began to have vibrant moments.

Attacks of any nature are not justified. Blame is never justified. To blame is to make someone else responsible for how you feel, think and behave. Adults blame each other all the time. Blaming yourself is as harmful as blaming another. I make the Opening the Heart audio series to guide you through your confusing maze of ego anxiety and real fear, ego self-pity and genuine hurt so you learn to recognize your true emotional self from your ego energy who is currently controlling you. Knowing this difference in energy is the essential first step.

So, sit down and get in touch with your genuine emotions right now. If you need help use the Opening the Heart audio as a loving, skillful guide to help you establish a genuine heart to heart connection between you and your wounded child. Do not let another day go by without moving closer to your emotions and True Self. 

Love feels so much better than blame. You deserve love. You do not deserve blame. You have the ability to shift out of blame into self-love.


LOVE YOUR EMOTIONS: Put a loving voice into your ears that shows you how to move toward your wounded child so you know how to heal her emotional and physical wounds. Quickly, you will enjoy more vibrant moments. Feeling hurt is the first sign of more life, energy and power. Getting out of your thoughts into your feelings is like moving from AM radio to FM stereo! Enjoy the whole body experience of life instead of observing it from afar. Opening the Heart is three hours of audio on Feelings, Hurt and Fear. You are guided into finding, healing and loving your emotional self. Money-back guarantee.

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