How to Cope with Real Fear, Generic Terror and Anxiety

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Your Feelings
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor


A friend asked me how I felt last week. “Oh, nothing specific,” I
laughed, “Just generic terror!” And indeed I was telling the truth.
When the volcano on the Big Island started its flow, I knew this
energy was here to stay for a while because I could feel how strong
it was. The lack of love energy in the government of the USA is also
on my radar. I feel the pain and suffering of children when they cry.
I feel the trees when they are dying.

Feeling reality is the only way to survive reality.

Don’t waste your precious moments on the earth stuck in thinking
about what is happening around you. Instead, feel the energy that is
around you and affecting you. Feel the energy that is inside of you
and affecting you. If you want to live life fully, your goal is to
feel what is really there so you know what is really there.

Knowing the truth is not about inductive or deductive thinking. If
you want to access your inner truths, you must feel what is real. In
the early 1980’s I wrote in my dairy and on the sand in Cape May, NJ
as I was playing, “I feel; therefore, I know.” Then, I began to teach
my clients how to feel so they too could know.

Feeling makes your life easier and less stressful.

When you feel your feelings, you know the truth about inside and
outside energies. This gives you the power to begin to remove any
energies that are not harmonious with who you really are. This is the
process of transformation. You are transforming the energy of your
defensive image self into your true self.

Your true nature is composed of love and light. If something is not
harmonious, say no to it. If something is harmonious say yes to it.
When you feel your generic terror, welcome it. Your feelings are
telling you what is happening around you. It is helpful to be afraid
of that which is out of balance. When you notice something is out of
control or in control, you do not want to participate in this

Instead, you want to come home to your senses, authentic emotions,
body, earth and heavens. The cosmos is waiting for you. The cosmos
will give you all the help you need if you fall into wholeness and
become part of that which is real.


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