Relationship Advice: The Definition of a Healthy Relationship

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


A reader asks, “How do people in a healthy relationship relate?”

Fantastic relationship question. First, let me define a healthy relationship. It is NOT people who stay together for a long time. The length of time you have been together is no indication of radiant holistic health, vibrant moments, and solid self-esteem. Often, the longest relationships are full of low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

Being nice to the other person, as many traditional psychologists endorse, is not necessarily healthy. Pleasing the other person is often a way to avoid the essential conflict that leads to personal growth for both people. Constant conflict is not helpful either because there is not enough shared love to make the relationship worth the effort.

My definition of a healthy relationship is one in which you have the ability to grow and flourish as a self-actualized human being. Of course, even in a healthy relationship there will be times when the other person controls you. However, when you are controlled, you take the appropriate action steps that help you achieve the necessary personal growth so the other person no longer controls you.

Relationships help you grow stronger, happier, and wiser. In a healthy relationship you are committed to working on your past unhealthy learning experiences. You take responsibility for your projections and remove these false beliefs so you can see and relate to the other person instead of to your false beliefs.

Just saying you are sorry is not enough. You must also consciously work on unlearning your unhealthy past relationship patterns instead of continuing to repeat these ineffective conditioned responses over and over again. This means you are in a state of constantly learning new, different ways to relate which are more effective and empowering for you.

The bottom line is healthy people in healthy relationships relate equally to each other. The more often equal interactions occur, the healthier the relationship. In a healthy relationship you feel equal to the other person and he or she feels equal to you. You relate in an assertive way instead of controlling or care-taking the other person.

When you relate equally to the other person you automatically experience love energy moving back and forth between you. Contrast this assertive relationship model with the role models that your mother and father taught you. Most of us grew up with unhealthy care-taking role models where controlling behaviors existed instead of equality.

Take a look at all your relationships and see which ones are equal and which ones could use a major shift toward something new, exciting, and assertive.


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