How to Transform Never Satisfied to Win-Win Ways of Living

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Zen.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


A phone client, mother of three young sons, said during last week’s session, “Say that again. That made me feel really good. I get it. Like everything will be all right. A win-win. That no matter what happens life is beautiful and wonderful. Great, you should share this in your next newsletter.”

This, from a woman who has struggled for years with her ego, appropriately named, Ms. Never-Satisfied. Her Ms. Never-Satisfied puts her in lose-lose situations so successfully she has been diagnosed by traditional psychology as a bi-polar in need of constant medication. Her ego has the ongoing habit of killing the joy in her life.

However, her big heart and strong motivation to unlearn her conditioned responses are transforming her into a happier, healthier, and wiser self. Learning how to say “NO!” to the behavior she learned from her mother of never being satisfied is really paying off. She is transforming her lose-lose mindset into win-win ways of living.

Recently she was successful is creating a couple of big, wonderful money manifestations. Here is the message I was communicating to her as we discussed her feelings. A few weeks after these wonderful events, she was not getting what she wanted from another person.

“This is where you have to be very Zen. Life is one adventure after another. You never know how anything will turn out. Nothing is wrong or right. Anything that happens can turn into something better. Best to accept reality and let it move. Know that you are consciously making your life more and more the way you want it.”

Accepting what is happening in your life is often the secret trick to forward movement. Never make yourself and your situation right or wrong. Instead, let reality move.

What you think is so wonderful, may not be so wonderful. What you think is so bad, could have fantastic results. Be Zen.


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