How to Follow Your Heart

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Follow Your Heart.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


The longest journey you will make in your life
is from your head to your heart.
— Sioux Legend

Grasp this truth. This is the ultimate challenge for our species. To be healthy and happy you must move out of thinking into feeling. To enjoy vibrant moments you must move out of control into an organic, natural flow of energy. When you reach your heart, you are in full-blown, physical reality instead of your left brain.

This brings me to the question I am answering this week about relationships. “I’ve been out of the dating game for a long while, with the exception of instant intimacy, and I’m finding it awkward getting back into dating again. I’m just finding my balance and flow. How can I open myself up again?”

Instant intimacy sounds like sex without love. Sex without love is not genuine intimacy; it is mechanic. I coined the term Mechanic Sex many years ago in my Sex and Love column written for Visions Magazine. Mechanic Sex usually makes you weaker, not stronger, because it attempts to bypass your fear of intimacy.

To open yourself up to a loving relationship means you must travel this long journey from your head to your heart. Your brain, head, and mind cannot make love. Love is a palpable, powerful energy. Your body, heart, and soul make love. With the exception of spinal cord injuries, any drug used in a sexual situation is an attempt to avoid getting in your body, heart, and soul.

If you do not want to avoid the pleasure, love, and joy that can be yours, the place to start opening up is to acknowledge the fear and anxiety that is currently blocking you from feeling secure and comfortable. We all suffer from this unpleasant combination of fear and anxiety. The more vulnerable the situation, the more you feel afraid and anxious. Opening up sexually to someone is the most vulnerable you will ever be.

This is when it is helpful to know, and remember often, that your “Strength is in your vulnerability.” My talk therapist is the first one who told me this because her therapist told her. Word of mouth is often the way valuable information is communicated. Take this lesson to heart. Your inner strengths are in your vulnerabilities. Thank goodness.

So, try this homework assignment. Become more aware of your real fear and irrational anxiety. Get to know how they feel in your body. To enjoy dating and opening up to a potential playmate or future partner, you must deal effectively with these two very different energies in your body in the moment.

If you have not listened to the Opening the Heart audio, this is a good place to begin. You learn the difference between fear and anxiety and meet your emotional self. Your emotional self is the one who feels insecure and needs some extra attention from you in order to feel more secure.

More next week about how to open up to dating and love at any age.


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