How to Improve Your Sexual Health For More Joy

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


A reader asks, “What is Sexual Health and how can I improve it?”

Last week I offered you a full-bodied, holistic psychology definition of sexual health. If you are sexually healthy you are mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy. Do not waste time, money, and energy, take appropriate actions that slowly and surely begin to improve your sexual health. Read What is Sexual Health if you missed it:

Ok, onward to the second part of the answer. How can you improve your sexual health?

An effective way to improve your sexual health is to learn how to relax your body so you feel your body feelings, physical sensations, and energy. The problem is, you may be afraid to relax your body. If you relax your body, your sexual energy automatically surfaces. Therefore, you may become anxious when you try to relax, or become relaxed, because you are afraid of the potency of your sexual energy.

The second most important way to improve your sexual health is to learn how to feel your emotional feelings. You may also be afraid to feel your emotions. Most people are. This is the reason our entire species is emotionally immature. You have been taught to avoid, deny, and hate your emotions.

The only reason I can find to justify such an incredibly strong self-destructive response is that our species is terrified of the powerful, vital energy in Pandora’s box. Therefore, you must overcome your fear and anxiety of your emotions before you feel safe enough to allow your vital energy to flow.

If you already feel comfortable letting go of control, go ahead and do it! You will be successful in reaching sexual health when you physically and emotionally love yourself. Your sexual energy will flow throughout your body making all your cells happy and healthy. Your healthy emotional expression will make your energy field glow with radiant energy. You enjoy abundant holistic health.

However, if you cannot let go of control with comfort, then you must ease your way into relaxing and feeling safe in your body. You need to put your toe into the deep water of emotions and check these colorful energies out before you dive in and float. You must know how to protect yourself before you can achieve sexual health.

Last week I suggested you, “Pay attention to how you relate to your sexual self. Is she or he “in the closet, hiding from you?” Or are you in love with your sexual self, protecting this part of you from inner or external judgments? Just notice, do not make yourself wrong about what you notice.”

If you did the exercise I am sure you exposed one or more of the mental judgments you have in your head that attack you and your sexuality. It is your judgmental thoughts that keep you in control so that you do not do anything “bad” or “wrong.”

I do not want you to do anything bad or wrong either. However, I do want to free you of the chains of control you have around your sexuality so you achieve magnificent sexual health. Children and adults need to feel their body and live in it for good mental and physical health. Children and adults need to feel their emotions to know what is real and true.

Please, replace your mental judgments with self-love so you begin to directly experience the true nature of your sexual energy. Your sexual energy is nothing but spiritual energy that you are trying to control and cannot control.


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