Depression, SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorders Treatment: Winterize Your Habits

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Winterize Your Habits.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


With the light in the north hemisphere decreasing, it is time to bring in effective ways to avoid depression, keep SAD (Seasonal affective disorders), and the blues away. With less external light you need to change your habits and routines to beef up the positive, uplifting energy in your daily life.

Here are three ways to deal with depression and SAD the Holistic Psychology Way:

1.  Warm up your feet and hands with body work and body awareness.

Any martial arts that attracts you and sounds like fun is excellent. I prefer the energy aspects of Aikido. Look for body awareness classes in your neighborhood that your body is eager to enjoy. Consider Alexandria and Feldenkrais classes.

You notice immediate benefits as soon as you start to live in your body instead of living in your thoughts. Soon, more blood will be flowing through your feet and hands on a regular basis and the cold winter will not seem so cold and depressing.

2.  Give yourself more rest, relaxation, and sleep.

Your winter needs are very different from your summer needs. Feel like a bear. Let the cooler weather change your habits and do what feels good. I sleep more in the winter and spend more time resting and doing nothing.

If you are a person who does not let yourself take naps, reconsider. Naps are not bad, they are good for the body and soul. Naps have always been an integral part of my insomnia program. Naps feel so good anytime of the day or night.

3.  Bring in more sunlight.

When I was teaching in Sweden in 1999 at the University for Global Well Being, I suffered from SAD (Seasonal affective disorders) due to the continuous cloudy days of Northern Europe. As soon as the sun would finally peep out, after days and days of clouds, all the teachers and students ran out of the buildings and stood outdoors. As a group we stood tall and soaked up the brief sunlight as if it was the most precious energy in the world! And it was.

Therefore, I created a light exercise to help myself and the students bring in more light. You can also use the power tool of your imagination and visualization. Stand outside and imagine the sun, which is right behind the clouds, shining its strong, intense, sunny rays on your face and body. Feel it as if it is really happening. Imagining the sunlight makes it happen. You can also use your imagination inside as needed.

If you put into action all three of the Holistic Psychology suggestions for avoiding SAD, I am sure your winter be not be as depressing as last winter. Your behavior needs to change with the seasons if you want to enjoy good emotional, physical and mental health.

Let me know if you try any of these depression and SAD busters. Give me feedback about what helps you get through the winter without getting stuck in the blues and winter depression.


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