Natural Health and Wellness Tip: Love Beauty, Feel What Happens


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Beautiful orchid grown and photographed by Doris Jeanette






The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Love Beauty.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Bright sunlight shining through my tall, majestic orchid stalk, with 22 gorgeous blossoms, is the first thing I experience in the morning when I open my eyes. Bending over toward my bed, the delicate shades of orchid-colored leaves kiss me good morning.

Beauty exists in the world. Thank the Goddess. Without it, I would be lost.

How often do you:
Look at beauty?
Seek beauty?
Create beautiful things.
Buy beautiful things.
See yourself as beautiful?

When you see beauty around you, the beauty sees you too. Humans often think too much, missing the vibrant moments that abound. If your thoughts are the sum total of your experience, you are missing reality. The real world is outside of your head, doing just fine.

I bought my Cymbidium Orchid plant about 30 years ago when I was sad, lonely, and in the middle of healing my broken heart. More years than not, this large-flowered species, from the Himalayas and China, blooms for me right here in Center City Philadelphia. This year I was blessed with two stalks. One year I was graced with three.

Please take a moment to enjoy her beauty with me by clicking on this link.

Right now, because I spent six weeks away from my beautiful orchid this winter, (they bloom for months,) I am cherishing the last few weeks of her beauty. When I stand in front of her essence, I want to dive into the center of one of her lustrous petals and stay there forever. Alas, I cannot, and she is slowly fading.

This means, I must turn my attention to the outdoor beauty that has already begun to spring forth out of this cold American winter. The early blooming cherry trees are getting ready to move. The purple and yellow crocus are out in Filter Park and the beauty of spring is truly coming.

Please, don’t miss the vibrant moments of life that surround you. Reality is present all the time. It is you who are missing. Slow down and allow yourself to sense, feel, taste, touch, and be apart of the beauty around you.

Say out loud to yourself every time you appreciate the beauty around you, “I am beautiful.” It does not matter how old you are, what gender, or how many marks you have on your skin, you are perceiving the beauty outside of you via the beauty of yourself.

You are beautiful. Let your beauty inspire your brain, heart, body, cells, and energy field with natural health and wellness. When you resonate with beauty, you are beautiful, and the beauty loves you back.

Feel what lives in the space between you and the beauty that you love.


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