Personal Growth Tip: Be Like Elvis Presley, Use Your Gifts


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Graceland, Elvis Presley’s living room.




The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Empathic.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


On my 2013 fall trip to Memphis, I did not look forward to the tour of Graceland that was definitely part of the agenda. My partner loves Elvis, has always loved Elvis, and even on rare occasions, sings Elvis. Elvis was ok with me, but nothing special. I expected gaudy, crowded, noisily nonsense every step of the way.

I was wrong. There were crowds and the shops did have glitter. But the person, Elvis Presley, moved me beyond my imagination. He touched me, like I had never let him touch me. His heart and soul still lives on and can be felt all around Graceland.

Graceland itself is a small, tasteful mansion previously owned by a physician and his wife. It is not gaudy or flashy. No, after visiting Graceland, I have tremendous respect for Elvis Presley. He was a highly sensitive person who was able to express his authentic emotions in an effective way that connected with billions of people around the world.

Getting to know him, by feeling his energy at Graceland, I was deeply touched by his life and ability to be true to himself. How rare and wonderful to have a gift and be able to use your gift so effectively. I honor and respect Elvis Presley and what he did with his life. He had courage.

This little boy, born in Mississippi, grew up to have an amazing positive effect on the world by using his natural born talents and gifts. Elvis was an empath. He felt everything. He felt the music, the words, the emotion, the color, and he was able to let these vibrations move freely through his body without stopping them. Similar to Isadora Duncan, the mother of modern dance, my spiritual mother.

Are you an empathic and highly sensitive person?

Do you think something is wrong with your:
Body feelings?
Emotional Feelings?

Think again. You have the ability to feel everything. Everything that is real on planet earth has vibrations. Empathic people feel reality via these physical vibrations. This means empathic people resonant with the reality around them by using their physical body. Resonating with reality is mighty powerful stuff.

Just think about the sensations and voltage you have available to you. Even Jesus of Galilee could see the future when he said, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Yep, being empathic is a very strong, resilient, and potent human ability.  There is nothing weak about empaths. They may be meek, but they can move mountains and touch billions.

Just like any other talent, you need to develop your empathic ability and learn how to protect yourself from unpleasant vibrations. It is not hard to learn how to pick and choose when, were, and how much you want to resonate with external realties. You can master your natural talents and abilities so you are effective and powerful.

Learning how to resonate with what you want, instead of what you do not want, can be very beneficial. Then you can choose how you want to use your empathic ability. You can heal others, get rich, and have fun, to name a few possibilities.

Some say it is tragic that Elvis overdosed on drugs. I say, it was magnificent that Elvis was able to find a way to give so much of himself to others. Look at some of the videos of him singing his heart out. You can feel how much he truly enjoyed his vibrant moments of being alive.  Use your natural talents and gifts so you enjoy being alive.


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