Personal Growth Tip: Celebrate Life and Death with Body, Heart and Soul

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Be in the moment with your feelings and emotions.




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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


I just went to a funeral and had one of the best times I have had in my life with old and new friends. Amazing but true.

You have probably heard about the death celebrations, often attributed to the Native cultures, where the people left behind enjoy themselves instead of feeling so sad and blue. Most of us have never had a joyful death celebration. Well, I just did.

This funeral was a true celebration of our dear friend, Fran. She left behind a variety of interesting friends and beloved family who came together to say goodbye to her. Many of us cried and felt sad during the church service when we heard the beautiful music.

After the short and meaningful service, we walked outside into the bright sunlight and streets of Philadelphia. Her family had planned a fantastic sit down meal right next door to the church at a Center City Italian restaurant. This meant that we could all be together sitting around big round tables in comfort and style.

We spent two leisurely hours laughing, eating, drinking and sharing stories. It was a grand and glorious way to celebrate Fran’s death, life and spirit. We felt nourished, loved and grateful.

Let death be a true celebration of life, your life.

You are only here for a very short period of time. Yep, you don’t have that much time to be in the flesh. When someone you know dies, let it be a reminder that you need to live more fully.

I am talking to myself as much as to you. I just about did not go to this event today. Tuesday is my day to spend at least two hours writing this newsletter after my morning clients and before an afternoon tele-class. Wow, I am so glad I did not resist this event and let my “shoulds” dictate my day.

Ponder your life and choices.

Could it be that you need to spend some of your money on yourself and your desires and dreams? Do you need to take the time to relax in the middle of the day and do nothing? Do you need to stop everything and just be in the moment and sip your water while listening to a person you have never known before?

Being in the moment is the only way you can truly enjoy your life. Being in your head thinking about the future or the past does not satisfy the soul. Your soul needs to be nourished, fed and respected. Take time to listen to what your soul needs today and make sure you deliver the goods before you let a week go by.

Honor both life and death as they occur. Feel the experience in your body, heart and soul. Otherwise, your time on Earth will be over and you will have missed the reason you were born.


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