Stress, Anxiety Help: Have More Fun and Play in Nature




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Move and play in your body.




The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Have fun.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Live at the Edge:


What do you do for fun?
How often do you let go and play?

This free holistic psychology newsletter exists to show you how to have more vibrant moments.  Vibrant moments are when you stop thinking and drop down into physical reality. This means you get out of the mental thoughts in your head and directly experience the physical energy that exists inside and outside of your body.

Physical reality includes the:
1.  Field of gravity that keeps you safe and sound on planet earth.
2.  Trees that inhale your carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen for you to breathe.
3;  Space where all the other animals and insects breed, play and die.
4.  Ocean and sky.
5.  Body that you sit, walk and sleep in.

Mental Health Definition

The degree to which you are in physical reality is the degree to which you are mentally healthy.  The degree to which you live in your own, isolated mental thoughts is the degree to which you have some sort of so-called mental illness. This could be a small case of obsessive thinking, a need to be perfect or a huge case of psychosis.

A Fun Exercise

Letting yourself have more fun this week could help you enjoy more vibrant moments.  Having more vibrant moments improves your holistic and mental health. The idea is to trick yourself into letting go of control by paying attention to some physical activity that you really enjoy doing.

Also, make sure you do not continue to do the activity past the point where it is fun. Your sneaky ego often controls you by turning your fun activity into work!

So write down three physical activities that are fun for you. Nothing that feels like work or exercise, just fun. Then do the one that is easiest and most convenient.  Or if you have time and it is possible, do all three!

For example, I love to swim, dance and do artwork. My outdoor swimming pool just closed so I cannot swim a half a block around the corner anymore until next spring. Therefore, I have to find another fun activity to do or another place to swim. I could go dancing with some friends or I could dance in my own living room.

Since the weather is so glorious here in Philadelphia, I could go to the beach and swim in the ocean.  Ah, and there is that wet clay in my backyard that has been waiting and waiting for someone to pay attention to it. I could treat myself to putting my hands in the clay and have a great deal of fun expressing my soul’s desire.

Pick at least one fun physical experience and give yourself the free time to relax and enjoy doing it.  See if per chance you stop thinking and drop down into your physical energy.  If you do, take notice and return to this vibrant moment again and again.


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