Personal Growth Tip: Improve Self Esteem with Online Assertiveness Training Courses and Coaching


The Vibrant Moment – Personal Growth Tip: Get help.
From the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


No matter how much personal growth you have achieved or how self-confident you feel, there will always be new challenges in front of you.

This week I have three major decisions to make and actions to take.

1.  Medicare has erroneously deactivated my professional account.  Even though it is their mistake, I suffer the consequences.  Weeks after being reassured they have corrected their mistake, I still have not received payments.

2.  I must decide which of three masons to use that will not make any serious permanent mistake on the front of my house. This must occur before the weather gets cold. Each one has a different solution to the problem. Which one is correct?

3.  My neighbor refuses to correct the damage in my backyard caused by their tree and tree roots. This means my assertive behaviors, assertive requests and assertive phone calls over the last three years have not worked. I have to be brave and up the ante.

I am sure you have similar problems and challenges you must deal with on an ongoing basis. It does not matter how assertive you are in one situation, reality continues to throw curved balls at you.

Long ago, I learned that it was not wise to face new challenges alone.  Not only did I suffer emotionally, I also made bad decisions and lost money in the long run.

When you feel alone and helpless, the world is not a wonderful, vibrant place.  When you fall into this mental state, you do not know what, when, where and how to move forward.

When you feel alone and helpless, do not stay stuck in this psychological state.  Instead, reach out to others and get the help you need to move forward.  Even if you have taken appropriate assertive action, you often need help to accomplish the task before you.

So, get the help you need. You may need a business mentor, an emotionally safe coach, a holistic psychologist, a real estate friend, a lawyer or an online or audio course to help you.   Receive the help and use it.

If you receive the helping energy from other sources, you will not feel alone and helpless anymore.  You will feel connected to others and have the practical help you need to move forward and face your new challenges.


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