Enjoy Fall Foliage Color in PA at Nature Workshop Close to NYC and Philadelphia

fallcolor.jpgThe Vibrant Moment – Holistic Health Tip: Be open, let go.
From the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Three weeks ago, I mentioned in The Vibrant Moment newsletter that if you arrived at my workshops open and willing to let go, there was a high probability that you would have a major permanent breakthrough.  Not just a workshop high but a permanent change in your body that you could walk home with and put into action in your daily life.

This also applies to other situations in your life.  If you are open and willing to let go you could experience a transformation.

So, what is it you are supposed to open and how can you open it?
How can you let go and what it is you are letting go of?

Open means that you are willing to entertain new possibilities. You will consider new ways of thinking and you will consider new ways of interpreting your experiences.  Open is the opposite of rigid and closed.

You have rigid thoughts which are false beliefs and you have rigid body parts that are tense, closed and hurting. When you are holding on to your rigid thoughts and holding your body tight, you are closed.

On the other hand, an open body and an open mind are soft and receptive. This means you allow new information to enter your mind and your body.  New information educates you and connects you to reality.

You have the power at any moment in time to choose to be open. This willingness to be open is usually enough to soften your rigid position. Once you are soft and open, you directly experience reality, which is full of new possibilities and new interpretations.

Reality is never rigid.  Reality changes and flows anew in each moment. This means reality is full of multitudes of new possibilities every minute. You can live in this exciting energy anytime you choose to be open.

When you are open you can see and experience these new possibilities. When you are closed, you cannot see any of the possibilities that exist all around you at any moment in time. They are there, but you cannot see them because you are holding on to your rigid beliefs and defining reality instead of experiencing it.

The letting go happens when you physically relax your body and consider the fact that you could be wrong about your rigid mental beliefs.  When you relax your body and keep it relaxed, there is a high probability that you have let go of your mental rigidities and judgmental thoughts permanently.

Without your rigid energy in the way, you are able to see, embrace and enjoy the exciting new possibilities sparkling all around you at any moment in time.  Now, how wonderful is that?

Live in the vibrant moments around you, it is a whole lot more fun.


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