Holistic Health Tip: Increase Body Awareness and Take Action for Personal Growth

Holistic Health Tip:  Scan Your Body


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Awareness is the first step in transformation. If you missed last week’s discussion on the importance of body awareness and emotional awareness for good holistic health, read now.

To allow and create a dramatic change in your life, you must be aware of “What is.” What is reality?  What is really going on with you in this moment in time?

“What is” is the first exercise I do at all my workshops.  I begin by increasing your awareness of what is happening in you, around you, between you and what exists outside of you.

The first scan we do is with your physical body. Scan your body now and see if you can increase your awareness of what your physical form is doing in space in this moment.  Start with your feet and work up to the top of your head.

Are your feet spread out wide with relaxed toes?  Feel them, then look and see them.  If you are not barefoot, take off your shoes and look to see what your toes are doing. Really look at your toes for a good long minute. You will get lots of vital information if you pay attention to your toes.  You will be amazed at the information you receive that is intuitive, subtle and correct.

Keep scanning your body. Is your brow wrinkled with thinking?  Are your shoulders relaxing into gravity?

You need to discover:
1.  Which side of your body is more open.
2.  Which muscles are tightening up to block out love energy.
3.  Which part of your body is the most receptive.
4.  The amount of blood flow you allow in your feet, legs and hands.
5.  The amount of anxiety in your nervous system.

New awareness will be yours simply by observing, looking, feeling, sensing and listening.  Once you discover that your toes are all scrummed up and held up in the air with tension, you need to take action to relax those toes and let them fall down into gravity.

See yourself taking effective personal growth actions that are based on your new body awareness.  Visualize yourself having a breakthrough that permanently improves your life. Feel the smile on your face affect your cells in a glorious way and make you feel good all over.


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