The Crying Games Bring Hope: Strongest Olympians are Emotionally Healthy


The Vibrant Moment – Holistic Health Tip: Cry.
From the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

The Wall Street Journal wrote a piece called, “Who Cries the Most at the Olympics?” In this article the WSJ made fun of the Olympians who lost their cool and turned into a “blubbering mess of mucus and tears.”

Their informal study examined the videos of the gold winners. It is disturbing as an holistic psychologist to read such a harsh judgmental piece published in the American media against the strongest and best Olympians.  Especially since the USA is in the midst of violent shootings in several states.

Just imagine that you had spent all of your time, energy and effort for many years becoming the best you could become in any area of your noteworthy life.  And then imagine how you would feel if the whole world acknowledged you as the best in the world among all nations.

You were awarded the gold medal because you were the one who showed up at that moment in time, in front of millions of people, and delivered your peak performance.  Imagine what this grand accomplishment would feel like in your heart and body.

Then allow yourself to know what it would feel like to stand on the top of the podium as your country’s anthem plays for you and you alone.  The whole world is celebrating you and your peak performance.  All of your life’s work has paid off.

When this happens to you, you would spontaneous cry, smile, laugh and beam if you were emotionally healthy.  You would feel and express joy.  If you were not emotionally healthy you would hold back your emotions and try not to feel anything during this peak experience in your life.  Perhaps you would sing, as many do, to cover up your emotions.

It is noteworthy that the WSJ’s research found that “China cries the least, with only 7% of its athletes succumbing to tears. More than 17% of American winners cried, while a whopping 37.5% of athletes from host country Great Britain cried.”  China sang the most.

Ah, it is not fair to proclaim the British the most emotionally healthy of the bunch.  After all, it was in their country that the Olympics occurred so it meant more to them.  Winning in your homeland is more emotional because it means more to you to win there.  You get an extra voltage of energy.

Therefore, if you want more vibrant moments, allow your life to have meaning.  Care about what you are doing and cry often. The more the better.  Then your life will be full of meaning, purpose, tears and joy.


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