Use James Holmes Tragedy to Improve Your Mental Health

grave.jpgThe Vibrant Moment – Holistic Health Tip: Clean up your mess.
From the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Live at the Edge:


In Aurora, CO, a fantasy movie gathering turned into a real-life nightmare when a mentally disturbed man named James Holmes began to shoot at people he did not know or care about.

I do not know enough about James Holmes and his mental health to make bold statements, however I do know that a person has to be in an unconscious state in order to kill another person.

Your heart has to be disengaged in order to harm someone or something. You have to not care for the period of time that you are scolding your child, hitting your partner or torturing a person. When you don’t care, you are unaware of your emotional feelings.

Many people have frequent periods of time during a typical day when they are unaware of their body, heart and feelings.  While most of us do not kill someone else or ourselves when we are unconscious, we can deliver a generous amount of emotional damage to ourselves and others.

How often do you scold yourself or someone else during the day? How often do you call yourself stupid, weird, selfish or narcissistic? Consider how many times you say negative things to yourself when you are not aware of it because you are not paying attention to your thoughts.

When a father lashes out in verbal abuse criticizing his child, he is reacting instead of feeling.  He is defensive and unconscious, instead of open and aware. He does not feel his body or heart.
He simply does not care enough about his son to protect him. He cares more about the fact that his son clogged up the garbage drain than he cares about his son’s feelings.

When a son grows up to be a James Holmes, it forces us to pay attention to what we need to be doing to improve our own mental health.  If you are experiencing a heightened sense of negative thoughts, having trouble sleeping and feeling out of balance, begin to clear away the destructive mess in your unconscious.

It is much easier to prevent mental health problems than it is to deal with acting out behavior, psychoses, suicides and mass murder.


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