Spring Self Improvement: Magnolia Trees Are Relaxation Therapy

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Sit under a magnolia tree.
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Magnolia trees and red bud trees were a special southern
spring treat in central North Carolina where I grew up.
The first sight of the colorful buds peeping out quickly
added more energy and pep to the speed and vigor of my
multitude of daily chores around the farm.

In Center City Philadelphia where I currently spend most of
my time, there are plenty of magnolia trees in my
neighborhood parks.  One area has seven strikingly beautiful
blooming magnolia trees right this minute creating a
wonderful, environment to enter with respect.

This little piece of heaven is where I eat lunch, rest, take
a nap, look at the blue sky on my back through the blossoms
and meet new friends and interesting characters.

For those of you who do not have a balcony to sit on, read
last weeks’s newsletter about the reason you need to sit
on a balcony, if you have not:  https://thevibrantmoment.com/
You can certainly take the time to visit Mother Nature and
local parks, even if you live in the heart of a city.

Besides helping you sort out what is real from garbage, being
in nature gives you the energy you need to be mentally
healthy, emotionally health and physically healthy.  As a
matter of fact, Mother Nature is the primary physical source
for external, strong, potent energy.

The reason research studies always find that people feel
better after being in nature is because Mother Nature is
the source energy.  Mother Nature is the one who gives you
energy.  All you need to do is receive her energy and not
block her energy out.

So any time you feel run down, depleted or sad, turn to
Mother Nature. Take a short walk to the park and sit under
a magnolia tree for a while or an afternoon.  Taking this
action will add more energy to your chores around the
ranch, in the home or back at the office.


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