Personal Growth, Mental Health Tip: Use Nature to Connect with Inner and Outer Realities

Sit on the Balcony

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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I just returned from Aruba where I often sat on the balcony
looking at a small slice of the beautiful blue Caribbean sea.
I ate on the balcony, rested there, drank there and observed
all the comings and goings on both the sea and land.

The exotic birds, the wind, the palms trees, the workers, the
boats, sparkling light and security guards were there if I
chose to pay attention to them.  My feelings, emotions and
intuition were there if I chose to pay attention to them.

Of course, your inner and outer worlds are always there if you
choose to pay attention to them.  However, there is a very good
reason so many places in the world have verandas and lanais.
Being outside on the balcony gives you something that you need.

It is the simple act of being outside in nature that makes it
easier to pay attention to both the inner and outer worlds. When
you are in nature, even just a tiny slice of it, it is harder
to deny its physical reality.  After all, physical reality has
a very strong and potent energy.

However, when you are inside your house it is easy to fall into
the trap of thinking that what is inside your brain is reality.
What is inside your brain is often quite the opposite of reality.

Your brain is frequently full of false beliefs, irrational
thoughts and negative expectations.

This is the reason you may need a human energy teacher or holistic
psychologist mentor in the first place.  You need someone to help
you look outside yourself and inside yourself.  You need someone
to help you tell the difference between the untruth that is in
your brain and reality.

Therefore, you need to sit on the balcony, walk in the park,
spend time in nature in order to stay in touch with the reality
that is inside your heart and outside of your body.  And you need
to let competent, trustworthy, emotionally healthy psychologists
teach you how to tell the difference between the mental garbage
that is in your brain and physical reality.


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