Whitney Houston Cause of Death: Look Inward For Emotional Truths


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The first suicide I was able to stop was the year after I
got my doctorate degree from Baylor University in 1976.  My
client was African-American, attractive and talented, like
Whitney Houston. She had been raped, beaten and left to die
in a back alley in North Philly.

Self-destructive behaviors can take many forms. Hating
yourself can range from being passive with your partner,
to overeating, to suicide.

The more you become aware of what is going on in your
unconscious, the better chance you have of not being
self-destructive. That is, if you don’t really want to be

Self-destructive behaviors are not missing from the rich
and famous.  Many talented people like Whitney Houston
suffer with self-rejection, self-hate and end up killing
themselves one way or the other.

We could debate forever if Whitney Houston really meant
to kill herself.  However, the reality of how she related
to her body and her emotional self is proof that she did
not love her body and her emotional self.

The unconscious parts of you, such as your emotional self,
will kill you one way or the other if you do not provide
what your emotional self needs. I know this is a very
strong statement.

However, consider the possibility that this emotional
health truth, based on energy awareness, explains the
behavior of famous people like Whitney Houston and
Michael Jackson.

Whitney Houston did not ever find, accept and follow her
authentic emotional self.  She did not heal her past
emotional wounds so that she could have healthy, loving

Whitney Houston did not learn how to love who she really
was inside and for real.  Instead she rejected who she
really was inside and for real.  Therefore, she did not
give her emotional self what she needed in order to
become emotionally secure.

You need to consider the possibility that this emotional
health truth also explains your behaviors that continue
and persist even though they do not serve you well.
Just think, you could get better results if you looked
inward and meet your emotional needs.

We do not know if Whitney Houston lacked emotional
health information, effective professional help or
personal courage.  Did she even look in her unconscious?
I don’t know.  However, from my point of view, it is
profoundly sad that so many people still do harm to
themselves when they could learn to love themselves.

You have access to the emotional health information you
need to find, accept and love your emotional self.  You
will reap big dividends if you become emotionally secure.

Holistic Health Professionals: If you do not love your
emotional self, you cannot show others how to love their
emotional self.  You need to heal your past emotional
wounds in order to be effective with your clients.
Staying in the emotional vibration is a skill that you
need to learn. There are millions of people in need of
an emotional safe place to heal.

Parents on the Personal Growth Path: You need to learn
how to love your emotional self so that you do not pass
on your unconscious issues to your children.  All of your
unconscious issues will pass on to the next generation,
unless you actively do something to stop this automatic
transfer. Begin by looking in your unconscious.


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