The Best Valentine’s Day Gift? Love. Give Love


The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Valentine’s Day is love day.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Love. Looking at this four letter word right now could be
good for your health.

We know for sure that saying loving words out loud is good
for your health.  Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water
crystals and rice reveal how much the energy of words
affects matter.

For example, he conducted an experiment with the help of
Japanese children.  He had the children say loving words to
a jar of rice in one room.  And in another room he had them
say nasty words to the rice in the jar.

The rice that had been exposed to loving words stayed fresh
and alive for a long time.  The rice that had been exposed
to nasty words quickly became black and rancid.

Just imagine how much you could benefit from saying more
loving words.  Yep, visualize how good it will feel when you
shift out of saying nasty things to yourself into saying
loving things to yourself.

Imagine what will happen to your relationships with others
when you say loving things to people instead of being
suspicious, judgmental and arrogant.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder to be more loving.
Love, love, love.

Listen to how many loving thoughts and words you say to
yourself from now until Valentine’s Day.  Notice the results.

No matter what the results are, you can definitely learn how
to stand up to your Inner Critic and tell this part of you
to get in the back seat.  After all, your brain is only a
tiny part of your wholistic, authentic, strong, self.

Holistic Health Professionals:  Does your Inner Critic
interfere with your healing work with your clients? Probably.
Become more aware of your thoughts, words and energy.  Learn
to de-fang your Inner Critic so you can show your clients
how to say more loving words to themselves and accept more
loving energy from others.

Parents on the Personal Growth Path:  Your children are
watching every move you make.  Anytime they hear you
criticize yourself, they are learning to criticize
themselves.  Stop your Inner Critic from teaching your
children how to say nasty things to themselves. Instead,
show them how to say loving words to themselves and others.


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