For Stronger Self Confidence and Self Esteem, Receive the Energy of Cherry Trees


“Cherry Trees Giving”  Photo by Doris Jeanette, Kelly Drive, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, 2012

Remember:  Receive tree energy.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Trees save lives. You may think I am kidding but I am not.
And I don’t just mean by giving us oxygen to breathe, which
most people already know about.

In my 35 year history of getting close to people with mental
health and emotional health problems, I have observed that my
clients who hung out with trees early in their lives were not as
damaged by being ignored, abused or rejection as the ones who
did not have a healthy relationship with a tree as a young child.

The little children who had a tree to visit, cry under and climb
were much stronger in their sense of self than the little children
who did not find or have a tree to be with.  Trees helped these
children keep their self-esteem and self-confidence intact.

Trees give off energy. Trees radiate a tremendous amount of
good, healthy, strong energy into the environment.  Different
trees have very different energy.  Some little children feel this
energy and could tell you, if asked, about the different trees.

However, most adults would not tell you about their early
relationship with trees because they would not feel safe telling
you.  Not unless you got really close to them and they trusted
you emotionally.  Emotionally safe people are hard to come by.

However, I hope you have an emotionally safe person to share
your deepest secrets with and I hope you have a healthy
relationship with at least one tree.

You need tree energy as an adult as much as you did as a child.
It was the double blossom bright pink cherry trees on Kelly
Drive in Philadelphia that gave me my first vibrant moment as
an adult.

Graduate school, internships and post-Doctorate training took
away all the fun and pleasure in my life.  At the end of this
psychological education journey, I spent a Sunday afternoon,
relaxing underneath a whole bunch of blooming cherry trees
along the Schuylkill river in Philadelphia.

Receiving the energy of these magnificent, cherry trees allowed
me to feel safe enough to drop down into a colorful, exquisite
vibrant moment.  I entered a whole body experience where all
thoughts stopped.

Instead of thinking, I was feeling.  I felt my whole body and the
physical reality that was all around me.  I was fully alive in the
moment.  Wow, was I ever happy and alive. Finally, I was
returning back to normal.

Bless all trees, especially the heart loving, heart opening,
cherry trees.


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