Is it Guilt or Anxiety? Bypass Your Symptom and Look at Process for Personal Growth


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I received a question this week about childhood guilt in my
“Ask Dr. Jeanette” box.  You can also use this free
psychological resource at any time to ask me a question that
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This particular gentleman from the United Kingdom thought he
was experiencing guilt about something he had done in his past.
He continued to relive a certain childhood event over and over
in his head, making himself feel bad and wrong about what he
had done.

He thought guilt was his problem. Yet after reading his
question and sensing his energy, I was not sure that guilt was
his problem.

Here is my answer:

“There is no need to suffer and punish yourself anymore about
your childhood behavior.  As a matter of fact, you may or may
not be suffering from guilt. I would have to do a private
consultation with you to tell for sure.”

“However, from what I pick up, guilt is not your real problem.
In a situation like yours, it is not so much what happened, as
what you are doing with what happened.”

“Look at what you are doing with what happened.”

“Your current behavior has to do with your psychological state
which does not appear to be guilt.  Your current energy state
is obsessive.  You are obsessing about your behavior.  Your
obsessive behavior could be dramatically improved with more
knowledge, information, awareness and the appropriate mind-body

Apply this man’s situation to your personal growth.

You may think that guilt is your problem when it is not.

Look at your process to learn more about your bottom-line,
heart-line issue.

Your problem could also be how you are using what you have done
in the past.  Look  at your process to learn more about the
source cause of a problem. How are you using certain events
in your life.   Are you obsessing about them?

Obsessive behaviors in any form are the result of high anxiety.
Anxiety is what makes people repeat thoughts, events and

It does not matter what you obsess about, you need to reduce
your anxiety so you can relax and enjoy your life.

Professionals:  Are you paying attention to process instead of
symptoms, words, thoughts and behaviors? If not, learn more
about process and how it can help you help your clients.

Parents: Do you take your own behavior and your daughter’s
behavior at face value? Or do you look at the process of what
was happening before the defensive reaction occurred?  Look at
what happened before the unhelpful behavior occurred to find
long-lasting solutions to real problems.


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