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tear1.jpgThe Vibrant Moment – Remember: Tears feel good.
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I received an email from a client who put “tears” in the
subject line.  Eagerly, I opened the message to find that he
was pleased because he had felt sadness while listening to
music. He ended the email by saying, “We are making progress.”

He was happy because he was moving toward his personal growth
goal of becoming emotionally and physically healthy.

Tears are one of the fastest ways to become physically
healthier.  If you are not emotionally healthy you cannot be
physically healthy.

Emotional health is measured by the degree to which you are
emotionally expressive.  Conversely, any time you inhibit your
authentic emotions you make your mind-body weaker.

This emotional health advice is in sharp contrast to what most
people tell you. Many psychologists, researchers and spiritual
teachers tell you to control your emotions. They teach you to
“manage” your emotions and “free” yourself from your emotions.
Some holistic health physicians even tell you to inhibit your
so called “negative” and “toxic” emotions.

However, when you deny, repress or exaggerate any authentic
emotion you block the healthy, vital energy you need to be
physically strong. The more vital energy you have in your
body, the more holistic health you can count on.

As a matter of fact, 5000 years ago when the Indians first
documented the human energy field, they called the emotional
body, the vital body.

This is because your emotional body is full of vital energy
when it is free and open. Therefore, any inhibition of your
vital, emotional energy begins to interfere with the natural
functioning of your mind-body, organs and cells.

When your cells do not receive the vital energy they need,
they begin to fall apart.  Over time, the cell’s membrane,
which is supposed to protect you and keep you healthy, begins
to suffer damage and destruction.  The consequence is physical
deterioration of your cells and subsequent disease.

Therefore, my emotional health advice is to welcome your
tears and enjoy your emotions.  You can find lots of healthy
ways to express all of your emotions. None of them are
negative or toxic.

As a matter of fact, you need all of your emotions to make
you whole, sane, loving and strong.


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