Holistic Health Tip: Add More Human Energy Flow Via Massage and Sacred Sex

massage.jpgThe Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Add more healthy energy.
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To become healthier you need to add more healthy energy to
your body and cells.

Holistic health and holistic psychology professionals are
different from traditional health and traditional psychology
professionals because we treat every single problem from a
whole person, human energy point of view.

We know that your whole mind-body and whole human energy
system needs to be brought back into balance. We know that
your mental, emotional and physical problem is NOT located
in one little, tiny spot that can be treated, cut out or

We know the fastest way to improve your holistic health is
to enhance your whole mind-body, natural human energy flow.

When we consider what you need to do in order to be mentally
healthy, we look at your whole mind-body to see where you are
controlling and inhibiting your energy flow.

We look to see how, when and where you tighten up your body
and stop the healthy physical energy from flowing through you.
We observe how, when, where and when you stop yourself from
feeling your vital, emotional energy.

The remedy is always to return your whole mind-body human
energy flow back into a stronger healthier state. Therefore,
anything that adds more healthy energy to your body and cells
is good for you.

One of the most enjoyable and effective ways to add more healthy
energy to your human energy system is to touch your body.  Or
have someone who loves you touch your body.

Physical touch and body awareness is one of the primary ways my
holistic psychology approach to different from others.  Here are
some specific choices you could make today to add more healthy
energy to your body and cells.

1. Get a regular massage.
2. Engage in self-massage every single day.
3. Enjoy sacred sex with a skillful lover.
4. Enjoy sacred sex with yourself.
5. Give and get lots of hugs.
6. Take the “Overcome Anxiety Naturally” online course which
teaches you self touch and body exercises for daily

If you add one of these suggestions each week you will quickly
notice the extra healthy human energy flowing in your body.

You will have more bounce and pep. You will begin to glow with
more holistic health.

If you do not notice any additional healthy energy flowing
through you this means you probably need a private consultation
to help you break free from a negative, past learning experience.

Emotional, physical and sexual abuse often block your ability
to feel your body, emotions and energy.


Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program.  Classes and discussions
about holistic psychology principles take place online and on
the phone.  For as little as $69.00 a month, you can stay home
and learn about human energy flow. Then you can teach others how
to add more healthy energy to their body and cells. You do not
need a degree, any holistic health person can join.

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FOR MEN: BECOME A BETTER LOVER: Take this online course to
improve your love making skill level so that you reduce your
anxiety enough to enjoy sexual pleasure for a long time. This
adds wonderful energy to your body and cells. Without anxiety
you easily connect with your whole mind-body and your
partner’s. Then you can relax and enjoy sacred sex.

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LIVE AT THE EDGE RADIO: Interview about sacred sex with
Pala Copeland.



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