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“Edutainment in Energy, Emotions and Effectiveness ”
In This Issue
1. Overcoming Anxiety Naturally In time for Valentine’s Day
2. Name the Podcast Contest – You could win!
3. New Body Feelings Anxiety Reduction Class in Philly
4. Blog defined, where to go for what
5. Creative,online marketing workshop in Center City
1. Overcoming Anxiety Naturally Tips
I cannot seem to totally eliminate this nasty energy
called anxiety out of my body and energy field.
Too much nervous energy around me to ever get it rid of
all anxiety– all the time………

But I can reduce my anxiety so it does not bother me
and get in the way of my self actualization and
personal transformation.

So can you!

Just cause everyone else is anxious does not mean
you have to be anxious! Get your life long overcoming
anxiety tools now.

Read my article on Overcoming Anxiety in Time for
Valentine’s Day
I can use the S word there without getting blocked.
2. Name the Podcast Contest
A podcast has been on my “To Do” list ever since my
dear neighbor Matt mentioned it to me two years ago.
He sent me all the information and I am a mac person
with all the needed gear………

A year ago a man found me online by searching for
anxiety help…….yea google. He suggested I do a
podcast on anxiety so he could learn more…..2007
is here and still no podcast….

I am going to buy a new laptop and get my podcast
in iTunes now. I need your help.

Name my podcast.

My radio show is called, Live at the Edge
My newsletter is called The Vibrant Moment.
My blogs are called Enjoy Life,
Live at the Edge and The Vibrant Moment.

What is the niche my podcast needs to fill?

What keywords do I need to use to
attract the people who need holistic psychology?

What words describe the unique information I offer?

Come on marketing geniuses, creative geniuses and
other such souls–
have fun,
name my podcast.

The Winner gets a free set of the tape series,
“Opening the Heart” or your pick from the
10 holistic psychology lectures on CD’s or
get my Overcoming Anxiety Naturally online e course.
Use your creativity and help me name my podcast.
3. New Overcoming Anxiety Class in person in Philly
My current class has been so much fun,
two men and two women.

Men are not usually so abundant so it has been a joy
to interact with their sensitive nature and teach men
how to relax and feel safe.

The classes are small to make sure you get the mind body
tools you need to succeed. You can use these tools
for the rest of your life. Then you can stop anxiety
attacks, chill out, relax and enjoy life more whenever
you want to. Get in the drivers seat, pull over and
stop for a breath.

New Class is forming. Anxiety Natural class is
like an intro to my approach or to your own Personal Self Help Success.
4. Blogs defined, where to go for what
I go all confused so I have to clear up and clean up…

Enjoy iIfe Blog – visit for travel, articles on ADH
and other holistic psychology articles

The Vibrant Moment Blog – visit for your newsletter
or past issues.

Live at the Edge Blog – visit to read about the guest
interviews, radio shows and post your comments.
Please post your comments on all of the blogs.
5. Feb. 24, Creative, online marketing workshop

Sign up for this fun, creative marketing workshop to
grow your holistic health business or
promote your products,
books or
get a higher page ranking on google or
learn about how to get free PR.

A day workshop with a small number to assure
you get what you need to move forward.

Networking with me and others is worth the
cost of the workshop.

More info and Sign up at

Call 215-732-6197
February 24, 2007.


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