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Publisher: Doris Jeanette
“Edutainment in Energy, Emotions and Effectiveness”
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In This Issue
1. Name My Podcast Contest
2. Dr. Charles T. Tart’s delightful interview
3. Meet me in Virginia Beach
4. Feeling Better is worth the effort
5. New Body Tools Class in Philadelphia
1. Name The Podcast Contest – Win a Prize
Win a Self Help Prize if you Name my podcast.

My radio show is called, Live at the Edge
My newsletter is called The Vibrant Moment.
My blog’s are called Enjoy Life,
Live at the Edge and The Vibrant Moment.

What is the niche my podcast needs to fill?
When you go to Itunes and pickup podcasts, what are you looking for?

What keywords do I need to use to attract the people who want holistic psychology information?
What words describe the unique information I offer?
Come on marketing geniuses, creative geniuses and
other such souls–
have fun,
Name my podcast.

If you already have, as many of you do, the “Opening the Heart” material you get to pick another gift of course.
The Winner gets:
One of the 10 holistic psychology lectures on CD’s or
my Overcoming Anxiety Naturally online e course sans CDs
or “Opening the Heart”, 3 tape series.
Use your creativity and help me name my podcast.
2. Dr. Charles T. Tart’s delightful interview
Charles Tart is on of the most secure men I have ever meet. This is a huge compliment to him and I mean every bit of my loving energy toward him. He is a welcomed addition to the planet.

Feel his energy and you can see how much working on yourself is worth. He is a perfect example of someone who has spent his life improving himself and using his human potential.

Visit Live at the Edge blog for more information about Dr. Tart and what he is famous for…….tons.

Experience Charles Tart yourself in person as we shoot the breeze on “Live at the Edge.” new radio at it’s best.
3- Meet me in Virginia Beach
I will be speaking to a group in Virginia Beach on March 12 and 13.

I can do one or two private, in person, energy awareness, emotional healing sessions with anyone who would like one. Contact me now if you are interested. If you have friends in the area, tell them about my work and forward this newsletter to them please.
4- Feeling Better is worth the effort
Feeling better is worth all the effort it takes to get there. And of course it does take some effort on your part. You got to do serious self improvement if you want to get results.

A new subscriber to The Vibrant Moment this week told me some good news about the effort and hard work I have put into my web site, for 10 years.

She found me by searching for “feeling better cds” and I was one of the top ones to come up on goggle. How cool is that? If you keep working on what ever you are working on, you will get results.

Do not give up on yourself. Keep believing in yourself even if no one else does. With effort on your part you get what you want and you feel better. You have to feel bad in order to feel better. To learn now to experience your own heart issues directly and become emotionally healthy, listen to “Opening the Heart” audio or ebook. The sooner you look inward, the sooner you become secure.

If you put energy behind your thoughts, heart and behavior…
…………….Feeling better is the result of your efforts.

If you reach out and take the help offered from experts, friends and family…
…………….Feeling better is the result.
5. New Body Tools Class in Philadelphia
If you can get to Center City in person this is your opportunity to work with me personally.

Become aware of the energy inside of you and around you. Powerful stuff. Learn to feel what is really there so you can begin transforming the yuck…..then you feel better!

New Class starts on Wed. Nights at 6:30 pm. Call 215-732-6197 to be interviewed.
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