How to Ride Out of Control, Crazy Energy

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Hold on Tight!
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Transformational Coach, Mentor


Hold on tight to energy that is real. Let go of all other energies. Disharmony is killing our species. 

Do you feel like you are on a wild bronco? Most of the human family is riding a wild bronco because we are face to face with human insanity. Out of control energy, fighting and fussing, is everywhere in reality. This crazy energy is also inside of you because you learned it from outside sources— once upon a time!

Makes me sick to my stomach when I watch the news. Who to trust? What is the truth? I am reminded of what creates mental illness in children— crazy parents or other adults! Irrational people are either out of control or controlled. Neither energy is harmonious. Feeling the difference between disharmony and harmony will help you stay safe and sane as we move through this worldwide real event.

Reality is harmonious even though it has its ups and downs. After all, what happens when you fall off the bronco? You get grounded— immediately! Yes, hitting the ground brings you back into gravity where sanity lives.  

Suddenly, you are in harmony with your surroundings, even if you are hurt. Happens every time you fall. 

Falling pulls you into gravity and harmony but it does not keep you there. After you fall, strong winds and storms of emotional distress and self-doubt swirl around you. What is the real voice in your head saying? When is your ego lying to you? Are these words from your parents? Your teachers? How do you survive a real health crisis?  

It is helpful to remember you become disharmonious when you get stuck in irrational thoughts. Blind spots exist. We have more of them than we know about! This means you need an outside reality to hold on to. There must be someone or something you trust and allow to question your mind, perception and thoughts. Be flexible and welcome being challenged and questioned.

What you think is often incorrect. There is much psychological research to support this simple statement. Becoming stronger means being comfortable with the reality that you are wrong. Your own perception is not accurate enough to bring you back into harmony. Your brain is too easy to condition and your ego too dependent on mass consciousness for you to trust. Your brain and ego are so clever with their words they confuse you and mislead you. 

You need to hold on tight to something or someone you trust. Yes, I hate to say it, but some thing outside of you must be there to help you. As we ride our wild broncos we are facing our deepest fears. You cannot trust what you think or know from the past. Now is a new reality. In this moment, you must make choices using your instincts and intuition. You must stay connected to the whole and hold on to reality as you move through your fears to the other side. On the other side you enjoy freedom and joy. 

Some of my clients hold on to me like a rock. They know I care and will do my best to empower their true self instead of their thoughts and ego. They trust me to tell them the truth, knowing I will not always be nice and try to please them. I hold on to my trees, invisible energy, gravity and therapist.

What and who do you trust? Hold on to reality. Be wrong. Fall off your bronco. Get back in the flow. Reality is sincere, modest and full of love. Thank the Goddesses! 

Let go of control. You will feel safe and sane in the real, vibrant moment. No matter what.


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