How to Stay Sane During Crisis

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Stay the Course.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Transformational Coach, Mentor


Just because you feel something does not mean you have to do
something! Yelp, there were many times I wanted to run away from
Baylor graduate school in Texas in 1974 and travel the USA in my VW
van, Sunshine. But I did not take that action even though I had that
strong runaway feeling numerous times.

Your feelings often change as soon as you feel them. They rearrange
and keep going, if you let them. Allowing yourself to flow with your
feelings produces peak experiences called vibrant moments. Then at
other times your feelings stay the course. This is when you know that
what you are doing is the best course of action for you.

You can also have many feelings at the same time about the same thing
from different points of view. For example, you love and hate him. You
love his true self and cherish every hair on his body. In contrast, a
minute later, his controlling Ego drives you crazy. Girl, with this stay
at home time, you sure can get on each other’s nerves!

Given how confusing feelings can be, do you trust your feelings and
use them to help you? If not, you are missing out on one of the most
powerful inner strengths you possess. The truth is you can always trust
your feelings because they give you feedback about reality. Feelings
report internal and external realities. That’s it. No more or no less.

What you feel in the moment has nothing to do with the appropriate
action you need to take. If you react immediately to a feeling you
are not giving yourself time to absorb, process and take in reality.
The natural process of transformation means that you do not react to
anything. When you react you are being controlled by your past
conditioning. If you want to be self-confident, free and happy, you
must give up knee-jerk reactions.

To be safe and sane, you must experience reality as it is happening.
Reality is energy and changes in the moment as you live your life.
How you respond to reality is your power or lack of power. How you
respond reflects your self-confidence. You can react, which makes you
weaker. Or you can respond to reality as a responsible person. When
you are responsible, you use your feelings as feedback to make good

Just like in graduate school, I feel like running away from this
current worldwide experience of the monster virus. I know world
history. In 1848, the missionaries gave the Hawaiian people measles,
killing off a quarter of the population. I know there is real danger
out there if my body encounters that virus. I also know I have inner
strengths to help me. My knowledge base includes the fact that
staying open and receptive keeps my immune system at a healthy level.

So, even though, I feel like running away, I am not going to
run away. Instead, I am staying the course. Feeling all my intense,
different feelings and not reacting to them. Instead, I keep
breathing. Making myself absorb and process my external reality which
is out of control and chaotic. I am staying with my inner reality,
which is full of real fear, irrational anxiety and a great deal of
common sense.

May this newsletter encourage you to go deeper and find your truths
so you stay in touch with what is real. The real world is the earth,
your surroundings, body, emotions, energy, light, vibrations and

Know that you are loved. Love yourself—no matter what. Comfort
yourself at all times–no matter what.


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