Count Your Blessings to Create More Blessings

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Bless to Create More.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Energy Coach, Mentor


Just finished a session with a client and we spent the hour focusing
on the results you get when you bless something. I asked her to bless
her feet. The love energy that showed up in her feet was amazingly
strong. Yes, the result was a palpable physical energy noticeable to
her and me.

Why don’t you try blessing something? Bless any part of your body
right now that you like. Could be your hands, eyes, smile, face,
breasts, legs —you get the jest. You bless something by paying
attention to it, liking it, loving it, enjoying it. Smile at it and
send it love. Your cells receive your blessing.

Feel the results of blessing your body. Note all your senses. You
have inner senses that match all your outer senses. Write down your
results so you do not forget them. My client felt light, good and
happy. Her orange toenail polish was even more shiny than before!
Blessing is one of the universal, nature laws that operates all the
time on this planet. Blessing another person is the same as blessing

Now contrast the results of blessing something with the results of
what happens when you curse something. Cursing does not mean “bad
words.” Cursing means paying attention to something with judgments
against it. Just noticing something is just noticing something. You
can just notice your extra fat or wrinkles. Noticing reality is
healthy. Cursing is not.

When you curse something, you send it disharmonious energy that
sensitive people can feel. This unhealthy energy can be verbal or
non-verbal. When you curse something, you dislike it, hate it, avoid
it and make it wrong. Wrong and bad are the means by which we curse.

Now, curse some part of your body that you do not like and notice
what happens. Are your results dramatically different? When my client
cursed her body she felt heavy, bad and sad. Her cursing created a
grey, black feeling throughout her body and around it. Her cells did
the opposite of lighting up and shining.

You can improve your personal growth success by increasing your
awareness of what you curse and bless. The next time you curse
yourself or someone – stop it. Do not be dismayed or judgmental
of yourself. You can correct your actions immediately. All you have
to do is shift into blessing something. Anything will do, such as two
trees that are growing in harmony. Bless them. And then find
something else to bless as soon as you can; such as your strong
and sturdy feet.

Yes, two blessings to one curse is the goal. To make the universal
law work toward positive energy instead of negative, all you have to
do you is bless more than you curse. This will keep more blessings
coming your way.


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