7 Steps to Overcome Attacks from Others

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“You are the bully.” “I am the victim.” “It’s your fault.”

How many times this year has someone said things like this to you?

Blame. Shame. Name calling. Judgments against you are real. Big or
small, attacking energy can fly toward you anytime from anyone. This
nasty energy is extremely painful and hurtful to your heart and body.
Your emotional self is wounded to the core. Your body takes the bunt
of attack energy and holds on to emotional pain until you consciously
release it.

Your body and inner emotional self needs protection when attacking
energy hits your body and energy field. This is when your Inner
Mother and Inner Father need to show up and protect you. Here are
seven steps to help you find your inner strengths when attacked by

Seven Steps that Make You Stronger After Being Attacked:

  1. First become conscious and aware that you are being attacked.
    Get outside validation if needed from someone you trust. Make sure
    it is not your projection.
  2. Remind yourself that attack energy is NEVER justified. Attacking
    yourself or others is abusive.
  3. Do not blame or judge the person attacking you. Your goal is to stop
    your defensive reactions so you become stronger.
  4. Feel your genuine emotions without making what you feel wrong or
    bad. Writing is a safe, effective tool. Genuine anger is not attacking.
  5. Say no, no, no to all internal or external attack energy.
  6. Say yes, yes, yes to your true self who possesses your inner
  7. Feel and use your inner strengths to stand tall with integrity.

A helpful action I learned from an attachment workshop I attended
twenty years ago is to say: “I am big enough, strong enough, smart
enough and willing enough to take care of myself.” This mantra is
helpful to say out loud over and over again as needed to affirm your
ability to stand up for yourself. Don’t be afraid to use it, I use it all the
time. My clients have benefited enormously from using it during any
kind of stress.

When you say these words to yourself, it reminds you that you are
not hopeless and helpless in this moment. In reality, your true self is
much stronger than the attack energy, which is ego based. However,
when first attacked, you do not know this to be true. But after taking
these seven steps you know you are strong and sturdy because you
can feel your true energy. You are not defending yourself; you are
being yourself.

Try these seven steps that make you stronger after being attacked
and let me know how they help you become more self-confident.


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