How to Stop Overthinking and Overcome Insomnia

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Energy Coach, Mentor


I know a lot of you suffer from insomnia. The world around us seems especially scary right now. These external irrational vibrations make us feel unsafe. In addition, your individual stresses keep you awake at night worrying about nonsense. 

So, how can you let go, trust and sink into the incredible delicious state of heavenly sleep? 

Your brain desperately needs sleep, yet it insists on keeping you awake! The irrational behavior of overthinking is a common problem with the Homo sapiens. We do it in the waking and sleeping state. Could it be that your brain really does not want you to relax and enjoy life? It does appear to be the case. Therefore, you must rise above your conditioned, brainwashed brain and take charge of what you do and do not do.

To stop your obsessive thoughts from keeping you awake at night, you must not be the fool. The solution to insomnia is to take decisive action that moves you forward. You must consciously choose to shift out of thinking and move into feeling that which is real. You must stop believing your thoughts when they tell you that you should do this or that or the other. Your Inner Critic often masquerades as God, putting you in chains so you cannot move your body. Your thoughts give you misinformation, belief based ideas and fake news.

On the other hand, your feelings help you perceive, cope and deal with reality so that you are not fooled by your irrational thoughts. When you choose to trust your feelings, you know that you get accurate feedback about reality. You know you have good common sense, inner strengths and excellent intuition. Your know your heart knows best. Your heart is the powerful one with light and fire energy that connects you with external and internal reality. 

There are many ways to help you sleep better at night and many factors involved in keeping us awake. I will post a list of suggestions to help you on my website in a few weeks. In the meantime, there is one sure way you can get back to sleep. It is not easy to do at first and takes practice. But try it and see how much success you get. It is simple, direct and effective.

When you find yourself thinking, take yourself to task and choose to put your attention on your breath and not on your thoughts. Bring your awareness back again and again to your breathing. Breathe in slowly and out slowly. Breathe in slowly and out slowly. I have tried several versions of this until I found one that works well for me. The simple, direct way for me is to say internally to myself “In”……..and I breathe in. I say to myself “Out” and I breathe out. When I can do this for a few minutes, I fall asleep.

Focusing on you breath will keep your thoughts from keeping you awake. Whenever you are thinking, bring yourself back to breathing. Try it again and again. You will discover just how much control your thoughts have over you! Let me know how successful you are in breathing and sleeping.


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