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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Relax and Have Fun.
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My Valentine’s wish to you this year is to give yourself permission
to relax and have fun. Genuine love is full of genuine fun.

I did not feel like doing anything last week. No energy, tired, just
wanted to rest, and so I did. Remembering how important it is to stay
connected to Mother Earth as she changes with the winter days and
cold temperatures, I slept like a bear. Being one with the
hibernating season of the earth felt divine. I savored being cozy in
my flannel sheets and not pushing myself to do anything. Deep sleep
is a heavenly experience! It is a rejuvenating sensation that you
deserve when needed.

After a couple of days of having fun and resting, my Inner Critic
became quite loud and unpleasant. It attacked my behavior, calling me
lazy. After a few minutes, I felt really, really bad. My fun and
enjoyment disappeared. Instead, I felt anxious and insecure.
Thankfully, all my years of personal growth paid off because I knew
exactly what was happening to me. Ding, dong!

Lazy was one of the first judgments I became conscious of back in my
twenties. I learned the lazy judgment from my father who could never
relax. Since I was conscious of what was going on in my psyche, I
quickly took responsibility for my own mental judgments and said no
to them. No, no, no! Soon, I was relaxing and feeling good again.

Nevertheless, I took note of how much my sense of self is tied to
doing something and accomplishing something every day. The more you
accomplish, the better person you are— so says the Puritans. This
superiority complex is what I learned and this is what I want to
completely and totally unlearn. No thank you, Puritans. I do not buy
or want your ethics; your way of living is extremely controlling,
judgmental and depressing.

In reality, my worth is not based on what I do or do not do. Like you,
the bears and everything else in the cosmos, I am worthwhile simply
because I exist. Thus, the Spanish way of living is my choice, which
says, “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.” If
you want a happy and healthy life give yourself permission to do
nothing and rest when you feel like it. Do not wait until you get sick
and your body forces you to stop and receive the relaxation and fun
you need.

Open, free time gives you a chance to be creative. Creative living is
naturally and automatically fun. And the best news of all? Creative
living is prosperous because you are part of the whole. I did not miss
any appointment that I was responsible for while enjoying myself.
Trust and know that you will have all that you need if you stop trying to
control reality. It is only your separated ego that suffers and does not
succeed because it is anxious and depressed.

You do not have to do anything to be valuable and precious. You are
valuable and precious. No matter what anyone else says. Love yourself
and have fun being in the moment. Say no to your mental judgments
so you enjoy sleeping deeply until it is time to s-pring forward into


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